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Elizabeth Halsey, manager of the Family  Resource Center

Elizabeth Halsey, manager of the Family Resource Center

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Elementary school education has come a long ways from the days of the one room school.  The technology alone is mind-blowing.  The resources available to students and their parents have greatly improved, too.  The Family Resource Center of the Eudora School District demonstrates that perfectly.  It provides many valuable services to families with children of all ages.

Elizabeth Halsey became manager of the center located in Eudora Elementary one year ago.  While the list of Halsey’s responsibilities is long, some of her main duties are maintaining the Family Resource Center lending library, putting on educational events, and connecting parents and students with the resources they need for successful learning.  One of her goals is to get parents involved in their children’s education because research shows that there is a strong link between parent engagement and student success, as well as a reduction in risky behavior.

“All parents love their children and want to help them, but they don’t always know what’s best.  We’re here to assist them,” explained Halsey.

Within the center there are books on parenting, discipline and even handling finances.  Resources for grandparents who for one reason or another are parenting their grandchildren are available.  Students, too, can find help for challenges they’re dealing with, such as emotions, puberty or a death in the family.  If families need additional resources, Halsey can refer them to community and county services.

The center can even help families with physical needs such as clothing, toiletries and school supplies.  Halsey works with churches and other organizations to collect school supplies for students.  So far this year the center has provided supplies for 50 students.

Parents of students with all kinds of special needs can find help at the Family Resource Center.

“While I don’t work directly with kids with special needs, I help bridge the gap and engage the parents in their children’s learning,” said Halsey.

The center is sponsoring a special event on Tuesday, November 5th called ADD/ADHD in Children & Adolescents.  The presenter is Dr. Rory Murphy, a board certified child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist.  The seminar is designed for parents, caregivers, social workers, counselors and teachers within the district.ADD Seminar

Halsey said that much of the traffic in the center has to do with ADD/ADHD issues so she believes the free seminar is going to be very valuable. She planned the event to take place right after conferences because they provide the first formal time for parents to learn how their children are doing.  If parents have a concern that their child’s hyperactivity, inattention or disorganization might have something to do with ADD/ADHD, or if their child has already been diagnosed, the seminar will provide them with helpful information about treatment options and where to get support.

For more information about the ADD/ADHD seminar or other resources offered through the Family Resource Center, please contact Elizabeth Halsey at 785-542-4903 or  To view the Center’s flyer about the seminar you can click the following link: Family Resource Center ADHD Seminar Flyer


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The Family Resource Center at Eudora Elementary School is offering food baskets for families in need in the Eudora Community.  The baskets are being provided to the district via Just Food, a program in Douglas County.

If you are in need of a basket or know of someone in need, you can reserve a basket by calling the Family Resource center at 785-542-4903. You will need to provide a name, the number of people in the household, an address and phone number.

The deadline for making those reservations is Wednesday November 9th at Noon.  Baskets that are reserved will be available for pickup on Saturday November 19th between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM at the Eudora Elementary School.


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The Family Resource Center at Eudora Elementary School is offering two screenings for young children in October.

On Friday October 7, from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM, the Resource Center will offer a free infant and toddler developmental screening at the Elementary School.  This screening is for children ages 0 to 3 years old.  Parents can learn information about how their child does a variety of tasks include moving, communicating, plays, sees, hears and does things for themselves.  You must make an appointment for this screening.  Appointments can be made by calling 785-843-3059.

Also on Friday October 7,  the Resource Center will be holding Preschool screenings at 8:15 AM by appointment only.

Preschool openings are available in the Eudora Early Childhood Program at Eudora Elementary School during the 2011-2012 school year. There is no tuition for this half-day preschool. The one-time $50 student instructional supply fee will be waived or reduced for students qualifying for free/reduced lunch program.  There are spaces currently available for students.

Placement priority will be made based on the following criteria:

3-5 years old who qualifies for special education (delayed developmentally or academically, including cognitive, social, physical, communication, emotional, behavioral and self-help skills) or a student that will be four years old by Aug. 31, 2011 and meets the above criteria or one of the following:

– Qualify for free lunch program
– Single parent household
– SRS referral for preschool participation
– One or both parents were under age 20 when the child was born
– One or both parents lack a high school diploma or GED
– Limited English language skills
– Child qualifies for migrant status

According to the school district, Preschool space is limited and a waiting list will be available for qualifying students not placed.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for your child’s screening you can contact the Family Resource Center by calling Anissa at 785-542-4903 or sending an e-mail to


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The Eudora School District’s Family Resource Center is presenting a program entitled Parenting without Power Struggles on Monday April 4th at 7:00PM in the Eudora Middle School Auditorium.

The featured speaker for this event is Susan Stiffelman, author of Parenting without Power Struggles, and the upcoming book Cool, Calm and Connected: How to Steer Clear of Arguments, Negotiations, and Meltdowns with your Child.

Stiffelman is a regular contributor on the Huffington Post and AOL’s Parent Dish, as well as a source on parenting topics for countless radio, television and newspaper articles across the United States.

This event is open to the public and will discuss topics such as how to help kids handle frustration, disappointment and sadness, how to remain calmly and confidently in charge, and avoid losing your cool when kids push your buttons and how to deal with anger and aggression in children and teens.

For more information or to register for this program you can do so by going to the Family Resource Center’s web page at:  You can also email the Family resource center at or call the office at 785-542-4903.