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aqua-climbThe new attraction at the Eudora Aquatic Center is the Aqua Climb (photo courtesy the Eudora Parks and Rec Department)

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It’s almost Memorial Day and you may be wondering, “Is it going to be 30 degrees or 90 degrees for the holiday weekend?”  We’ve had some drastic weather changes in the last week or so, but this is Kansas after all.  The good news is that no matter what the weather, the Eudora Aquatic Center will open this Saturday, May 24, as scheduled.  The pool officially opens at 1:00 pm on Saturday and will remain open until 7:00, as will be the schedule seven days a week for the rest of the season.  (FYI: the forecast is for beautiful weather in the 80’s with only slight chances of rain all weekend!)

Along with all the fun features that kids and adults alike have enjoyed in the past, there is something new this year at the Aquatic Center, the Aqua Climb.  It’s a 12-foot-high climbing wall that offers an exciting challenge for experienced swimmers…and a big splash if they fall before making it to the top.  Kids will no doubt be scrambling to be one of the first to try it out.  Because it’s in the deep end, kids must be able to swim before they can play on the Aqua Climb.

“If it goes over well,” said Eudora Parks and Rec Director Gary Scott, “we hope to add another one in a year or two so more than one kid could climb at a time.  Before we do that, however, we plan to add a new activity for younger kids in the shallow end.”

Once again, a lap swim for adults only will be available from noon to 1:00 on weekdays.  There will also be a noon water aerobics class, though details are pending.

The Eudora Aquatic Center is located at 1630 Elm St.  Admission is $3.00 for ages 3 and over; tots 2 and under are free.  Seniors 55-69 pay $1.50 while there is no charge for those 70 or older.  Season passes are also available: $65 for one child, $100 for an adult, or the bargain price of $125 for an entire family for the whole summer.  (Try to find that deal at any other pool!)  A single punch pass is $45 for 20 visits ($25 for seniors.)

You might want to consider a pool party for your child’s birthday or some other special occasion.  The pool can be reserved on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings for $100/hr.  Call 785-542-3434 to reserve a night for your party before all the spots are taken.



Photo courtesy Heidi Hoover

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Most 11-year-old girls spend their days at school among friends and enjoying after school activities.  They’re thinking about sleepovers and fun family times and maybe even a little about boys.  But Eudora 6th grader Carolyn Hoover, daughter of Ben and Heidi Hoover, spends most of her time at Children’s Mercy Hospital, and her thoughts run to the battle she’s waging against stage 3 T-Cell Lymphoma.

Carolyn was diagnosed with the disease on January 31, and since then has endured having fluid drained off her heart, bone marrow extraction, spinal taps and chemotherapy, all done with only local anesthesia due to the inoperable mass in her chest.  Her dad sat with her during the worst of the procedures and was amazed at how brave his daughter was.

While Carolyn would rather be playing her favorite sport (volleyball) or doing other things that healthy kids enjoy, she stays busy making bracelets for herself and her family on her Rainbow Loom and with little sewing projects.  She loves to spend time with her dogs, one giant black shepherd and one tiny mutt, when she can be at home.  The worst side effects of her treatments are feeling sick and tired all the time, and the trouble she has getting up and down due to nerve damage in her legs from the chemo.  Her brothers are quick to help her get on her feet if she needs it.

Carolyn’s illness and hospitalization have meant a lot of adjustments for the whole family. Carolyn’s three older brothers, Cody (17), Christian (15) and Corey (13) and the dogs have to go to their grandparents in Perry any time Carolyn is hospitalized.  And her dad Ben has had to take many days off work from his job at Tyson in Olathe.  But they’re all in this fight together.

Heidi’s mom said that Carolyn’s attitude has been remarkable.  “She’s been amazing.  You can tell the Lord’s hand has been upon her.  Even the doctors said most adults couldn’t have sat still through all those procedures.”

An extended illness takes a toll on a family financially—there are medical bills plus many other expenses like gas, meals out, etc.  To lend a hand to the Hoover family, marrow-donor-green-ribbonsome members of the community have planned a fundraiser for Carolyn’s family.

No One Fights Alone,” a free benefit for Carolyn, will be held this Saturday, March 15th, from 5:00 to 9:00 pm at the Eudora Recreational Center, 1630 Elm.  There will be all kinds of food and beverages, music and dancing, a bounce house, face painting and a Eudora Fire and Police Department show.  Everyone in the community is invited and encouraged to stop by and show their support for a beautiful little girl who is fighting something no child should have to fight.

One of the organizers of the event, Aaron Thakker, didn’t even know the family when he got involved.  But he has five kids of his own, one a 6th grader with Carolyn, and decided he wanted to do something big to help the family.  He’s been amazed at the generosity of local churches, restaurants, businesses and individuals who have donated toward the fundraiser.  Thakker said that even some businesses from Missouri have helped.  An individual who wishes to remain anonymous donated an iPad so that Carolyn could keep up with her friends and school work while she was hospitalized.

“The amazing thing,” said Thakker “is that no one wants any recognition or anything in return.  They just want to help.”

The Hoovers, too, are touched by the support they’ve received from friends, neighbors and others in the community.  Cards and phone calls are a constant, and many have given them gift cards or money to help with expenses.  They especially appreciate knowing that so many are praying for Carolyn, and their trust for her future is in God.

“We’ve only been in Eudora five years,” Heidi explained, “and a lot of people that I haven’t even met have shown us so much support.”

Eudora is indeed a caring and compassionate community.  Take the opportunity to stop by the Rec Center this Saturday evening and show your support.  You’ll not only get to eat some delicious food and have some fun, you’ll be making a difference in the life of a precious child and her family.  If you can’t make the event but would like to donate, checks can be made out to Ben or Heidi Hoover and mailed to them in care of Barb Tuttle, P.O. Box 584, Eudora, KS.


garage sale signEveryone loves a garage sale…especially one with nearly twenty vendors that is held inside a comfortable building. This coming Saturday you can go to just that kind of garage sale. That’s right! You can shop in climate-controlled comfort and browse through many tables of bargains at the Eudora Community Center, 1630 Elm in Eudora. It’s hard telling what treasures you’ll find!

The sale runs from 9:00 am until noon on Saturday, November 23.

There are a limited number of spots left for those wanting to sell goods. The cost to rent an 8-foot table is $10, with proceeding going to local charities. For more information, contact the Eudora Community Center at 542-3434.


OCTOBER084Children enjoy the fall tradition of heading to Schaake’s Pumpkin patch west of Eudora (photo by Grace Jubber)

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Don’t miss out on these fun fall festivities sponsored by Eudora Parks and Recreation:

1)  This Friday, Oct. 11, from 4:30-6:00 pm your family is invited to Eudora Evening at the Pumpkin Patch. Enjoy a hayrack ride, see farm animals and pick out some pumpkins at Schaake’s Pumpkin Patch, 1791 N. 1500 Rd, Lawrence (just a few miles west of Eudora.) A hotdog and a drink is only a $1.00.

2)  The Eudora Public Library is partnering with Eudora Parks and Rec to bring you the first ever Fall Family Art Walk on Oct. 17. The art will be produced by Eudora area children (K-12) and adults. To participate all you have to do it pick up a “canvas” (that looks suspiciously like a piece of copy paper) at either the library or the rec center. Then draw, color or paint a picture that symbolizes your favorite book on the “canvas.” Be sure to add your name and phone number on the bottom of the sheet and turn it in to either the library or the rec center by Monday, Oct. 14th.

Meet at 714 Main on Thursday, Oct. 17th, at 10:00 am to paint storefront windows of downtown Eudora using your “canvas” as a guide. Paint will be supplied but bring your own paint brushes, rags, etc.

The Art Walk will be held at that evening. Families will gather at CPA Park at 5:30 to tour the downtown area to ooh and ah at the masterpieces you created. Return to the park for hotdogs, chips, cookies and drinks.

3)  The Great Pumpkin Hunt will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 29 at Lucy Kaegi Park, 1630 Elm. The event will kick off with a costume contest at 7:00 pm, followed by a pumpkin hunt (candy and toy filled pumpkins) at 7:30. Be sure to bring a flashlight as it will be dark. Preschoolers through 5th graders are invited to participate. In case of rain the event will be held in the community building right next door.

For more information about any of these activities, contact Eudora Parks and Rec at 542-3434.


022Carol Wohlford, Director of the Eudora Public Library

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Stop in the Eudora Public Library and you’ll see that there is a lot more going on than just books being checked out, especially since Carol Wohlford became the library director a year ago. She has brought many new programs to the library and made it an even more welcoming place for people of all ages.

Wohlford came to Eudora from Andover, KS where she was the library director for ten years. One of her biggest accomplishments there was getting a new library built. Before that she worked at the Smithsonian’s Slavic Library and for the White House Conference on Information Sciences. Coming to Eudora was like a homecoming for Wohlford as she and her husband both graduated from KU.

While the list of programs available at the Eudora Public Library is too long for a single newspaper article, a few will be highlighted here. You’ll have to visit the library at 14 E. 9th to learn everything that is going on.

Children are a high priority at the library, with programs for them starting at birth. The Infant Story Time (birth – 2) and Preschool Story Time (2 –K) are based on a statewide early literacy program called 6 by 6. The program focuses on six important pre-reading skill areas that children should develop before they learn to read at around age 6.

A summer reading program and Snow Cone Wednesdays keep children reading during the summer. The old card catalog has been converted into a toy box for educational play, and there is an educational computer especially for children. library photo

One of the most exciting programs is the cooperative effort between the library and Eudora Parks and Recreation: Summer Adventure Camps. With the help of a grant from Friends of Kansas Libraries the team provided four themed units in art and science for the children in daycare at the Rec Center this past summer. It was so successful that it is being spotlighted at the Kansas Library Conference next week.

“Parks and Rec has served as a wonderful partner for the library,”  Wohlford said.  “As have the schools.”

Of course, not everything at the Eudora Public Library is for kids. There are books, E-books, graphic novels and an Adult Winter Reading Program. There are computers available for patrons to use. Online holds and re-checking services simplifies things, and inter-library loans help secure books that can’t be found at the Eudora library. There is even an informal Wednesday knitting group. Adults also have the opportunity to volunteer at the library, and for the first time formal volunteer training is being offered.

One thing Wohlford hopes to implement in the future (besides building a bigger library!) is a partnership with a Eudora civic group to develop an outreach program for people who are unable to get to the library. After determining the kind of books the patrons like, volunteers would deliver books right to their door.

If all of that isn’t enough to float your boat, how about this: you can check out cookie cutters at the Eudora Public Library. It’s true! They come complete with recipes and decorating instructions. What more can you ask from your local library?

For additional information about the Eudora Public Library, visit them online at