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11:50PM Update:

According to our numbers, Sen. Tom Holland has defeated Anthony Brown for the 3rd Senate Seat. Holland won 53% – 47 %.  Brown fell nearly 1800 votes short in the balloting.  While Brown took Leavenworth County, the lead Holland had in Douglas County was too much to overcome.

We will hopefully bring reactions from all the candidates during the day on Wednesday.

11:40 PM Update:

Connie O’Brien has won another term in the Kansas State House. with 85% of the precincts reporting, O’Brien leads 63% to 37% over Harold Fevurly.

11:35PM Update:

The 3rd Senate District race has some updated numbers.  With 73% of the vote in, Holland leads 53% – 47%.  about 1500 votes separate the two.  Brown still has more ground to cover but he has come up significantly. This race is still too close to call.  This could be an extremely tight finish.

10:50PM Update:

With 72% of precincts reporting in the 2nd Congressional District in, we project that Lynn Jenkins will win reelection to House of Representatives.  Jenkins has a 58% to 38% over challenger Tobias Schlingensiepen.

In the races for the Kansas State House, there are too many precincts to yet report to call these races. We will continue to follow these races into the night and report as they become final.

10:35PM Update:

We finally have some final numbers from Douglas County.

Nancy Thellman has defeated Frank Male 62% to 38% in the Race for 2nd District County Commissioner.

Also the form of government in Eudora will change. 67% of Eudora voters were in favor of moving to a Commissioner-Manager form of government.

We are still waiting on the State races.  We will follow that up shortly.

10:20PM Update:

Just wanted to update everyone that we have not had any additional numbers of late in the races in our area. We suppose everyone is celebrating the fact that President Barack Obama appears to have been re-elected.

9:45PM Update:

Douglas County has not reported any new numbers lately.  Other county numbers are starting to trickle in.  In the US Congress race, Jenkins is starting to gain a lead 55% to 41% with 48% of the District reporting.

In the 3rd Senate Race, Holland still leads 59% to 41% with 50% reporting. 3200 votes separate Holland from Brown.

9:15PM Update:

In the 2nd US Congressional Race, the numbers are starting to balance out.  With 35% of the vote in, Lynn Jenkins now leads Tobias Schlingensiepen 51% to 45%. This race, at the moment, is much closer than was expected. It will be interesting to watch.

In the 3rd Kansas Senate Race, with 42% of the vote in, Tom Holland has a large lead over Anthony Brown, 67% to 33%.  The votes totals are primarily made up of Lawrence. It will be interesting to see if Brown can make up the ground with Leavenworth County not having yet reported.

8:55 PM Update:

We are officially calling the County Commissioner race.

With 75% of the precincts reporting, Nancy Thellman looks like she will defeat Frank Male handily.  Currently, Thellman leads 68% to 32%.

8:45PM Update:

In the 2nd US Congressional Race, with only 7% reporting, Tobias Schlingensiepen leads 51% – 45%.

Oh and Mitt Romney is leading President Barack Obama  56% – 43% in the state of Kansas.

8:35PM Update:

Here are some updated numbers from the State races:

In the 3rd State Senate Race, with 18% of the vote in, Tom Holland leads 68% – 32%.

In the 42nd State House race with 15% in, Connie O’Brien leads Harold Fevurly Jr. 61% – 39%.

In the County Commissioner race, with  46% reporting, Nancy Thellman leads 70% over Frank Male 30%

On the form of government change, the votes numbers have increased, but the margin remains the same Yes 68% – No 32%


8:10PM Update:

Douglas County has finally posted some very early numbers.  These numbers will change significantly as the night rolls on.

In the County Commissioner race, Nancy Thellman has 70% of the vote to Frank Male’s 30%.

In the 3rd State Senate Race, Tom Holland leads 72% – 29%.

In the 42 Kansas House Race, Connie O’Brien leads 53% – 47

Form of Government change: Yes 68% – No 32%

These numbers are a very small percentage and will change greatly in the next couple of hours. Stay tuned…..


7:40  PM Update:

Just so that you can compare later on, here are the final results from our polls that we had on the website the last week.  These are unofficial results and are not ballot numbers.

2nd US Congressional District

Lynn Jenkins (R) 65%

Tobias Schlingensiepen (D) 32%

Dennis Hawver (L) 3%

3rd Kansas Senate

Anthony Brown (R) 55%

Tom Holland (D) 45%

42nd Kansas House

Connie O’Brien (R) 66%

Harold Fevurly Jr. (D) 34%

2nd District County Commission

Frank Male (R) 63%

Nancy Thellman (D) 37%


7:00 PM Update:

The polls have just closed in Kansas.  As soon as the numbers start rolling in we will update them right here.  Make sure you check out the site often. We will also post blasts to our Facebook and Twitter account when there is an update as well.  We will keep you informed throughout the night.


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As of 4:00 PM this afternoon, voting has dropped off some. 62% of South Eudora has shown up to the polls, while north and West Eudora are just over 51% turnout. Central Eudora is behind with just over 47% of voters turning out. A quick check of sites around 5:00PM this evening showed no major lines or groups waiting to vote. We will see if the bedroom community folks head to the polls prior to closing time in an hour or turnout will be lower than expected.


Voter turnout is strong so far today in Eudora. The Douglas County Clerk’s office has released voter totals as of 10:30 AM.  Much of South Eudora has headed to the polls already as 43% of the population has cast their ballots.  North, Central and West Eudora were between 33% and 35% at each of the polling stations.  These numbers include those who cast their ballot prior to today up to 10:30 AM.  Advance mailed ballots that come in to the Clerk’s office today are not in these totals.  Jamie Shew, Douglas County Clerk had predicted total turnout levels near 70%.

We checked with three of the four polling locations in town. City Hall and the Rec Center reported that there was a short line initially as both locations opened up this morning but once the initial voters got through, there were no lines to speak of. Staffers at both locations stated that there was a steady stream of voters all morning long.

The busy spot in town is the Eudora Township Fire Station. Poll workers reported that there was an approximate 25 minute wait this morning as they opened up for voters to cast their ballots. Staff also indicated that while there have been no further lines, it has been busy all day.  They stated they now have had 53% of the registered voters show up.

Crowds are expected to pick up once again after 4:30PM when the work crowd arrives back in Eudora this afternoon.

We will have full coverage of the results of the election as numbers start getting released by the Clerk’s office.  Make sure to check back often tonight.


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Earlier this week, Senator Tom Holland’s campaign sent mailers to voters and press releases to the media with quotes from Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson claiming Holland was the only one willing to help in the effort to get cable median barriers installed on K-10 and attempt to get K-10 designated as a safety corridor.

Representative Anthony Brown, who is Holland’s opponent for the Senatorial seat in the 3rd District, disagrees with those claims.

“While Senator Holland introduced the Senate version of the safety corridor bill, I was was working the House side,” Brown said.  “I was lobbying the governor’s office trying to get this passed.”

While the Senate version of the bill passed, the House bill died in committee.

“The reason it died in committee was lack of interest,” Brown stated. “While the Mayor came to Topeka to testify before the Senate committee, he did not come to testify before the House committee.  The House committee members did not act because no official from Eudora came to the hearings.”

Brown also says that the Mayor’s claims that “We made numerous phone calls to our local elected state representatives” are erroneous.

“To the best of my knowledge, I never received any phone call from the Mayor at my home or on my cell phone about the cables or the safety corridor bill.”

Brown stated that while Hopson and City Administrator John Harrenstein did attempt to see him while they were in Topeka for the Senate hearings, Brown said he was in other meetings in the Capitol and was not able to meet with them at that time.

Brown did provide a copy of a text conversation that occurred between Brown’s wife Susie and Jodi Jackson. Jackson was one of the four women who created the Facebook page that kept the issue of cable median barriers in the public eye.  Hopson’s wife Tina was also involved in the Facebook group. (http://www.eudorareporter.com/women-working-hard-to-convince-kdot/)

In the conversation dated April 19, 2011, Brown’s wife gave Jackson Anthony’s cell phone number and email address. Brown’s wife stated in that conversation that “He doesn’t have a decision directly in this, but definitely can facilitate contacts and direction to KDOT.”

Brown also provided a letter sent to him by Secretary of Transportation Mike King from July of 2012, where King updated the progress of the project.

“I am aware of your strong support for the construction of cable barriers in the median of Kansas Highway 10 in Douglas and Johnson Counties,” King said in the letter.  Later in the letter, King added that “Your support and advocacy in your community has been indispensable.”

The push for cable median barriers on K-10 began after a crossover accident took the life 5-year-old Cainan Shutt on K-10 on April 16, 2011.





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This is one of those opportunities where you get to decide what the news coverage is.  We have put up a poll question which you can find in the right hand column of our website that asks the question:  Would you be interested in a public forum with the primary candidates for the Kansas Senate and House of Representatives?

Due to the time needed to put together a forum like this, we are running this poll through Noon Monday.  Tell us what you think.  If you would like to leave more than a yes/no vote in the poll, you can always use the comment section below this article to add your thoughts.

The Republicans will have a primary on August 7th in the races for the Kansas 3rd Senate District.  The candidates are J.C. Tellefson (Leavenworth) and Representative Anthony Brown (Eudora).  In the race for the 42nd District in the House Representative Connie O’Brien (Tonganoxie) is vying for a 3rd term against challenger Sandra Bohne (Leavenworth).


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Some changes are coming to City Hall.  Three City council positions were up for grabs in today’s election and a handful of candidates were vying for those seats.

Ruth Hughs came away as the leading vote getter, garnering over 400 votes for 28.8% of the vote. She bested the second place candidate Kenny Massey by 140 votes.  The race for the third and final spot was much tighter as John Fiore edged Jerry Trober by 12 votes.

Maria Nelson came in 5th 30 votes behind Trober and Chris Fiedler rounded out the list a distant 6th.

When we asked Hughs about her huge win she said “I can’t believe it. I’m just so humbled and honored to serve the citizens of Eudora. I appreciate all those who lent their support to me.”

John Fiore talked about how he was excited to be added to the City Council. “I appreciate all the voters faith in me. I will work hard to represent the people well.”

Kenny Massey, who decided to move away from the School Board and to the City Council spoke to us and talked about how “this is a new challenge for me and a new perspective.  I’m looking forward to that challenge in the future.”

Incumbent Maria Nelson, who fell short in her bid for a second term, was saddened by the news of the loss but was upbeat about the future. “I’m very happy to have served the last four years.  I’m also very happy to be handing over the reins to a group of great people.”

The newcomer to the race, Chris Fiedler summed up the race and the results  saying “Congratulations to those who won. It was a pleasure to run against everyone and do it in a good, clean race.   I look forward to cotniue being involved in the community in the coming years.”

The new Council should be sworn in at the April 11th City Council meeting.

News and notes about the numbers:

Voter turnout was fair with approximately 15% of the voters casting ballots. The lowest percentage turnout was in Central Eudora with 12.6% of votes cast and the largest was in the north precinct where they has 17.3%.

Jerry Trober tied with Rugh Hughs in the north precinct with 75 votes. Trober’s numbers in the south district were extremely low which knocked him down to 4th place in the race.

Massey had good enough numbers on the West side of town to propel him into second. Massey finished third in the other three precincts.

According to the numbers we have, just under 700 voters turned out for the City Council election. There are just over 4800 registered voters in the city.