Efficiency Kansas

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Efficiency Kansas is not the name of a new town in Kansas.  Efficiency Kansas is a low cost loan program coming to Eudora, to help make energy improvements to your home, rental unit or small business.  You can obtain this loan either from an approved lender who charges a small interest rate, or, you can have the loan attached to your utility meter billing through the City of Eudora at a zero percent interest rate.  There are some restrictions to the loan, and getting pre-approved prior to going through the steps of the program is recommended.

This program is run by the Kansas Energy Office, a division of the Kansas Corporation Commission.  The program receives it’s funding from via the Federal Government’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

The way the program works is that you, the owner, schedule an energy audit. Owners will select an auditor from the approved list of auditors who will then schedule an appoint come to your home and inspect your home and perform some diagnostic tests.  The auditor will take the results from these tests and the inspection and prepare your custom Energy Conservation Plan, which will be submitted to the Kansas Energy Office for review, to ensure the recommended improvements meet program guidelines.  The cost to the owner for this inspection is $100.  The Efficiency Kansas  program covers the remainder of the cost for the inspection which totals $600.

Once the owner receives the list from the Kansas Energy Office, the auditor will review the list with you and the list will be prioritized with the most energy efficient repairs or modifications listed first. If the owner chooses to follow the plan, the list of repairs or modifications must be made in order listed on the report. The owner does not have to do all the repairs or modifications listed, but what they do choose to do, must be done in the specified order.

The maximum amount an owner can receive is $20,000 for a home or $30,000 for a small business. This loan can last up to 15 years.

There are more steps to this program and for those interested, you can go to the Efficiency Kansas website here to find out all the information.

This is a great program for those that want to make their homes or businesses more energy efficient and get some help with paying for it.