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The Eudora-Desoto Technical Education school housed on the campus of Eudora High School provides students the opportunity to learn more about various professions in a hands on environment.  For the last few years the school has helped students in health care, automobile collision repair, agriculture  and culinary arts.  The school has added printing services to that list.

Approximately 50 students now participate in the print services program according to Ron Abel, principal of the EdTec school. In the print services program students learn the mechanics of how to operate a digital printing press and other print services machines,  layout, design and marketing techniques for these services.

“We’re getting into the digital equipment now,” Abel said. “Professionals are telling us that if we aren’t teaching digital systems, students won’t be ready when they hit the market.”

The school is looking to those that need print services as an avenue for students to learn with real world projects.

“We’ve being doing a lot of print for the school such as the programs for the sports teams and other school productions,” Abel added. “Now we need to get help from outside the district to help support the program.”

The print services program can produce fliers, brochures, newsletters, posters or programs up to 13 by 19. They also have the equipment to produce other things such as silk screen shirts, coffee mugs, labels, and business cards.

“We have the ability to work on about three to five projects a week,” Abel stated. “We’re not a mass production, get it out in a day type operation.”

Abel went on to say that the program can can do not only do bigger orders but smaller orders when other commercial places require a larger minimum amount.

Abel said that the program will charge the cost of the materials and ask for an additional donation to help support the program. Abel also commented that the prices for the services is much better than what it costs to have materials printed by most commercial companies.

“I can’t thank the District enough for their commitment to the program, but we need to get help from others too,” Abel remarked.

For those that might be interested in utilizing the print services program, you can contact Ed-Tec Principal Ron Abel at Eudora High School at 785-542-4980 or via email at ronabel@eudoraschools.org