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Eudora School District Superintendent Steve Splichal released a letter to Eudora Schools families on Tuesday stating the school district learned on Monday that a Eudora High School student was on a cruise ship recently with a medical worker who could have come into contact with the Ebola virus.

“Let me be clear: There has been no exposure of any Eudora Schools student or employee to the Ebola virus,” Splichal said in the letter. “Because discussion of Ebola can be upsetting to many people, I wanted to make you aware of this incident. However, let me stress again that at no time has anyone in our schools ever been at risk for Ebola or been in harm’s way.”

Splichal went on to say that the medical worker was quarantined on the ship and never showed any symptoms of the virus during or after the cruise. The medical worker has continued to test negative for Ebola and is past the 21-day incubation period.  He also added later on in his letter that if there was any chance of exposure in the future, the School District has a plan in place based on information from the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control.

“Thank you for your support of our schools, and for doing whatever you can to help keep our school community calm and focused on learning,” Splichal said in his conclusion of the note.

We asked School District Communications Director Kristin Magette about the plan mentioned in the letter.  She said that the plan for any infectious disease, in a nutshell, is to:

1. Assess the situation and risk in partnership with the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department (KDHE and CDC if needed)
2. Follow protocols designated by public health agencies
3. Communicate to our employees and families

She said this plan would be followed continuously repeating until the situation is resolved.

“I should point out that, all year long, our awesome team of school nurses is working with the partners above to make sure we understand whatever public health risk may be present at any point in time. Enterovirus, MRSA, pandemic flu, pertussis… now Ebola,” Magette said.

The name of the student from Eudora High School who was on the cruise ship was not released.