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While a lot of scary things may occur in Arrowhead Stadium Monday night when the Chiefs take on the Chargers on Monday Night Football, several area youth will be out and about on the doorsteps of Eudora begging for candy.

Once again, as in years past, several downtown businesses will also be handing out treats to youngsters from 5:00PM to 9:00PM.

“It’s so much fun to see the different costumes,” Diane Elmer owner of Heads or Nails Salon in downtown said. “It’s a safe environment for children and it brings people downtown that may not normally come downtown.”

For citizens in the city, remember to turn on your porch light in the pre-dusk and evening hours if you wish for Trick-Or-Treaters to stop by.  If you wish to forgo this annual ritual, make sure that all your outdoor lights are extinguished Monday night so that your doorbell doesn’t ring or there are  not a lot of ghosts and goblins knocking on your front door.

If you are planning on being out and about make sure to be extra careful as many small children will be running around and not necessarily paying close attention to moving cars.  We want all the children in Eudora safe and sound come Tuesday morning.


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The City of Eudora is taking another step to help improve the area downtown by offering grants to new and exitsing businesses.  These grants are be used to improve the attractiveness of downtown or for expansion of private businesses.

The city has set aside $21,000 for this grant program.  Businesses receiving grants would be limited to a $5,000 cap.  Most grants will be awarded around $3000.  Grants will be available on a first come first serve basis and all grants will need to be approved on a case by case basis by the City Council.

The city also defined the area of downtown as Main Street between 7th & 9th Streets and 10th Street between Spruce and Ash. While the 10th Street area is not normally considered “downtown”, there are several businesses located along this corridor that the city wanted to offer some help to also.

“This will help advance the Economic Development plan for Eudora.”  City Administrator John Harrenstein said.  “This is designed to be an easily achievable grant.”

Downtown business that wish to apply for one of the grants to be awarded should contact City Hall to obtain an application.


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A new business will be opening up this weekend in Downtown Eudora.  Cami’s Cake Co. will have a grand opening celebration Saturday (9-5), Sunday (12-5) and Monday (9-6).  They will be located at 724 Main St. next door to the Black Cat Cafe.

Cami SanRomani, the owner of Cami’s Cake Co.,  states that the Cake Decorating studio will be open by appointment during the week and open to the public on Saturdays.

According to their Facebook page, Cami’s Cake Co. offers wedding cakes, birthday and special occasion cakes, cupcakes and a host of other things including something called the MINI Whoppie Pie. Don’t ask us what it is, but it does sound interesting.


Back in October, Grady Walker, Chief of Police for the City of Eudora, sent a note to all downtown businesses explaining that delivery trucks were blocking the roadway and impeding traffic. In that letter, it stated that the Police Dept. would be warning delivery drivers prior to Dec. 1 and start ticketing those still blocking traffic after that time.  A link to the full story is here.

Last week, one of our readers posed the following questions:

Duane: December 15, 2010

I am wondering if the enforcing of the standard traffic ordinances for Kansas Cities by ticketing delivery trucks parked on Main Street in an illegal manner has begun by the Eudora Police since we are now well past the December 1st date mentioned in the article? I still see trucks parked illegally on Main St. to make deliveries. It is one of several traffic problems that need to be addressed on Main St., especially now that there is much more traffic coming thru (sic) town on the County Road, which is also Main St.

We decided to go to the source and get an answer to this question.  We had a conversation with Chief Walker who stated that the situation has indeed improved.

“To date we have not had to ticket any drivers” Walker said. “My concern was for the roadway safety.  So far, the blocking of traffic has not occurred.” He went on to say that “We have been working with the business owners and the delivery drivers to get the trucks out of the lanes of traffic.”

In our personal observations of deliveries downtown, we noticed that trucks now pull over into some of the parking spaces to make deliveries which does not block the lanes of traffic, but will block a few of the parking spaces. We asked Chief Walker if this was permissible. “We would prefer they use the back alley for deliveries, but as long as they don’t block traffic, unload quickly and then vacate those spaces, we are allowing that.”  Walker did also say that he has made sure officers routinely patrol the area and monitor the length of time delivery trucks are on Main Street. “As long as they don’t block traffic and aren’t blocking those spaces for an extended period of time, The Police Department will work with the delivery drivers.”

We would like to thank Duane for the question. If you ever have a question about a previous story or about anything in Eudora, you can either comment on that story or send an email to: We welcome any and all questions.


Broer’s Flower Shop in downtown Eudora looks like it may be out of business. A sign in the window states the business is for sale. This sign has been posted for several months now.

Recently, a sign has appeared in the door that says the property has been seized by the State of Kansas for non payment of taxes. A document above that stated that they were only open “By Appointment Only” and that would only be in effect for the month of October.

There was no answer at the phone number listed for the shop when we attempted to contact them for this story.