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At a recent City Council meeting, the City of Eudora passed several ordinances dealing with a variety of topics including pets, personal behavior and a topic that has generated a great amount of interest: parking.  To read the original story you can click HERE.

Since our story hit the web site, the City of Eudora and the Eudora Police Department has been flooded with calls about the ordinances that deal with RV’s and parking in your yard.

According to Curt Bauman, the Planning and Codes Administrator for the City of Eudora, there have been some very pointed questions as to why the ordinances were passed and specific questions about the new laws.

“The reason the city passed the ordinances was because of aesthetics,” Bauman said.

To try to clear up some of the confusion over this issue, we wanted to give you the exact wording from the city code book. Ordinance 974 states:

No person shall park a vehicle off the street in the front or side yard setback area, which shall be defined as the area between the public right-of-way and the rear line of a building or any projection thereof, unless on parking or driveway surfaces required by the City Code. The City Council and/or the City Administrator may determine that the provisions of this Section are not to be enforced for a specified location or locations for a period no (sic) to exceed forty-eight hours.

According to Bauman, an “improved surface” can be gravel, asphalt or concrete.

“We want people to know that we don’t expect citizens to spends thousands of dollars laying concrete,” Bauman stated. “A gravel driveway counts as an improved surface.”

Eudora police, who will ultimately be responsible for enforcing this new ordinance, state that while officers will not be out patrolling specifically for this type of infraction, they will communicate with the home owner if they notice a problem or consistent non-compliance.

“Our goal is to have verbal communication with the citizens and help educate the public,” Eudora Police Chief Grady Walker told us. “I’ve told all my officers to not write any citations until October and in the mean time, try to work with the public and let them know this ordinance is now in effect.”

RV and trailer parking has also been a big issue of late. Ordinance 975 states:

No motorized self-propelled camper, non-motorized trailer, or boat or canoe, when on a trailer, shall be parked on a public street for a period of time exceeding 48 hours, and when so parked shall be located no nearer to an intersection than 100 feet, from the intersecting curb lines of the two streets nor located as to obscure any drivers view of approaching traffic.  No non-motorized travel trailer or boat or canoe, when on a trailer, shall be left unattached when parked on a public street.

Walker added that anyone that has specific questions about the ordinances can always call the Eudora Police Department or the cities Codes Department to get clarification on a specific point.