contractor licensing

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The City of Eudora began the process of looking at how to license contractors that work in the city limits of Eudora.  Currently, the city does not have any ordinances that pertain to contractor licensing.  What this means is that anyone  can build or remodel any type of structure in the city limits no matter their skills, experience or qualifications.

Curt  Bauman, codes inspector for the City of Eudora, stated during the city Council meeting on Monday night that most municipalities that surround Eudora have some type of licensing procedure already in place.  City staff has recommended that the city join the Johnson County License Review Board.

The JCLRB is one of the few boards in the state and currently serves many of the municipalities in Johnson County and the East Central Kansas region. Bauman stated at the the beginning of his presentation that this program is not a revenue enhancing program for the city nor will it cost the city money to join the board.  The expenses for this board are paid for by the contractors who pay a first time registration fee and then a yearly license fee.

“This is to help protect the citizens of Eudora,” Bauman said. “This will help ensure that they are getting a contractor of quality.”

According to Bauman, the ordinances requiring licensing through the JCLRB, if approved by the City, would go into effect near the end of the year.