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Douglas County has been selected as an Entrepreneurship (E-) Community and has been awarded $125,000 in tax credits, enabling the Douglas County E-Community to raise $166,667 to be loaned to small town local businesses.

These tax credits, which can be bought by individuals or corporations, will allow purchasers to use the tax credit for the 2011 tax year. In addition, if the amount of the tax credit exceeds the contributors liability in the taxable year, then the remaining portion can be carried forward until the total amount of credit is applied. For example, if you have a $1,000 income tax liability and you purchased $10,000 of tax credits. Those tax credits would roll over for 10 years.  The minimum amount that can be purchased is $250.00 which would come to a $187.50 tax credit.

Collin Bielser, Management/Economic Analyst for the City of Eudora, assembled a local leadership team of representatives of the small town communities in the county to try to push forward this effort.  Included on the team are: Douglas County Commissioner Nancy Thellman,  Eudora City Councilman John Fiore,  De Soto City Councilwoman Bonnie Plumberg,  Deborah Barr (of Byrne’s Pharmacy), Peach Madl, Mark Tunstall, Jimmy Wilkins, and Will Katz, Director of the Small Business Development Center at Kansas University.

The leadership team will determine the strategy and vision for the E-Community. A separate financial review board will evaluate prospective loan applications from local businesses.

“This is a great way to help give back to your local community,” Bielser said. “Not only can you help yourself or your business, you are empowering other businesses to help themselves.”

Only businesses in Eudora, Baldwin City and Lecompton will be able to apply for the matching loans.  Due to population size, Lawrence businesses will not be eligible.

“The Douglas County communities of Eudora, Baldwin, and Lecompton are excited to be a part of the E-Community program. The program provides opportunities for aspiring citizens and current local businesses to expand and grow our business base,” said John Fiore of the Eudora City Council.

The sale of the tax credits will go on through mid-December.  For those interested in purchasing tax credits, you can contact Collin Bielser at 785-542-4111 or via email at:


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The City of Eudora has launched their new website.  You can find the site at

“I’m happy to see the new website is up and running,” Eudora City Administrator John Harrenstein stated.   “This website is an improvement over our former site and should share more information about city services for residents.”

While the site is live, many of the features that the web site will contain are not yet active.  Some of these include an online utility bill pay feature, a “report a concern” section,  and a section to contain all the City Council, Planning Commission and board of Zoning Appeals agendas and minutes.

“Citizens should be aware that the site is not fully constructed and some links are not working at this time.  These issues will be resolved over the coming weeks.  Collin Bielser, our Economic Development Analyst was the project manager for the website and did an outstanding job of completing the project.  In addition, citizens should feel free to contact the city with pictures of the community they would like to have scroll through the slide show on the homepage.  Our goal is to use the website to promote the community as a whole.” Harrenstein said.

In a quick look around the site, we found that several of the departments contained valuable information about that departments responsibilities and the Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) were complete and helpful in answering basic questions.  There are also links to many sites in the various departments include county and state web sites.