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At last night’s City Council meeting, the Eudora Area Historical Society (EAHS) presented the City of Eudora and the Eudora City Council with framed copies of the original Deed to the City of Eudora and the only known image of Eudora’s namesake, Eudora Fish.

The original Deed to Eudora is perhaps the most historic document relating to the City of Eudora. The Deed came under the care of the EAHS in November of 2012. The original Deed to the City of Eudora, is the document whereby Shawnee Indian Paschal Fish transferred ownership of his land to a German Immigrant group that founded Eudora in 1857. The Deed was signed by Paschal Fish, and agents for the German Immigrant group: Louis W. Pfeif and Charles Durr.  The Deed was ratified on February 4, 1860.

The quest to find this historic document started in the summer of 2012 when John Harrenstein, the City Administrator for Eudora, asked if the EAHS had the original Deed. We did not have the Deed and therefore went on a mission to locate it, if the original Deed even still existed. Considering the document was created over 150 years ago, there was significant cause to believe the document was lost to history.

We started to contact various families that we thought might be in possession of the Deed. After several weeks of calling different families, we were able to reach a family that knew of the Deed and informed us they donated it to the Douglas County Historical Society in 2010. The Douglas County Historical Society was able to locate the Deed and donate it to the EAHS last November. The Deed is in good shape considering its age. The original Deed will remain in closed, secure storage to enable its long-term preservation.

The EAHS also presented the City of Eudora with a framed copy of a tintype photograph of Eudora Fish, the namesake for our community. Eudora Fish was the daughter of Paschal Fish and was born in the late 1840s. When Eudora, Kansas was settled in 1857, the German immigrants that founded Eudora named the community after her. The tintype shows Eudora as a young woman and was presumably created in the late 1860s. Eudora Fish married, had four children and died in 1877 in LaCynge, KS.

Please stop by the Eudora Community Museum to view copies of the original Deed to Eudora and the only known image of Eudora Fish. The Eudora Community Museum is located in the former Nottingham Elementary building and is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Admission is free.


Eudora News and Information

The City Council will meet in regular session this evening for the first time in over a month.  On the agenda for this evening:

– Consider request from Tori Gezel to raise fowl within the city limits.

– Consider presentation by Darren Waisner regarding plantings along 10th Street at Grandview Mobile Home Park.

– Discuss hours of operation for the city Brush Dump.

– Consider approving a downtown grant award to Casa Agave.

– Consider approving project agreement with New Boston Creative Group.

– Consider approving 2012 street maintenance agreement.

Some of these could be rather interesting and we will report back to you on those of news and notes in the coming days.


Eudora News and Information –

The City Council will wrap up November business tonight at City Hall.  On the agenda for this evening:

– Consider authorizing the city administrator to negotiate a contract with HTK Architects to design the proposed fire/public safety building

– Consider setting date for budget amendment public hearing

– Consider awarding a downtown business grant to the Eudora Lodge No. 42 of the Independent Order of Oddfellows.

– Consider approving mission statement and values for the city organization

– Discussion: Form of Government

We will report on all the significant events of the evening. The City Council meets at City Hall, 4 E. 7th Street in Downtown Eudora at 7:00 PM.






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Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson started an initiative this week to try influence the Governor and  the Kansas Department of Transportation to install a wire barrier in the median of K-10 from Kansas City to Lawrence. This action was taken due to the two deaths that occurred on K-10 in a crossover accident this past Saturday.

The mayor has written a letter to the Governor and other state officials seeking their assistance.  The Mayor has also requested the other cities along  the K-10 corridor to join in his campaign and urge the state to act.

Currently, Overland Park is the only city to respond that they will also join in the letter writing campaign to the Governor and KDOT. The City of Lawrence has put it on their agenda to discuss the issue.

At the De Soto City Council meeting on Thursday evening, De Soto Mayor David Anderson brought the issue to the City Council and stated he was in favor of supporting the campaign. The De Soto City Council did not agree with the idea.

Lori Murdock, one of the newly sworn in members of the De Soto City Council, stated to that the City Council did briefly discuss this issue at their meeting on Thursday night, and said the consensus was that it was “okay for the mayor to write a letter but there was not support on the council for it.”

According to Murdock, Council member Randy Johnson stated during the meeting that he doesn’t want to see those barriers put up out there.

Murdock did state that the De Soto City Council is not against an idea of a barrier on K-10, but wanted to explore other economical ways to improve safety on the K-10 corridor.  “We want to look at what other ideas can be done.”  Murdock said “We decided not to take a stance on the issue.”

Murdock also said the idea was floated during the discussion that reducing the speed limit on K-10 could be a possible solution in the effort to improve the safety on the highway.

According to Hopson, Mayor Anderson would not write the letter since it was the wishes of the City Council not to take a stance on the issue.

Calls to Johnson and other city leaders had not been returned at post time.

Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson in response to the City Council’s lack of a stance on the issue said “I would encourage citizens of De Soto who wish to support the effort, to contact their City Council Members.”


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Election results are in!

Elected to the Eudora City Council: Ruth Hughs, Kenny Massey, John Fiore

In the School Board Race:  Maring appears to be going down in defeat. All other candidates are in. Pyle beating Rehmer by only 3 votes counting Douglas and Johnson county numbers. No reports on Leavenworth yet.

More details, comments from winners and losers and final School Board numbers coming soon here at