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The City of Eudora City Council recently passed the 2012 budget. The total amount the city will spend in 2012 is $10,554,219.  This is an increase of approximately $428,000 from last year.  Much of the jump in costs can be attributed to Westar Energy raising the rates the city pays for electricity.

The best news to come out of the budget is not what is there but more what is not there. There will be no mill levy increase in 2012 nor will their be a raise in utility rates.

Without any significant revenue increases, city officials were faced with making some cuts to multiple department operating budgets. While there are no cuts to full time city staff, some seasonal/part time money from multiple departments was reduced. This work will be carried out by either current full time employees or money from a department fund was moved to cover any needed expenditures.  Things such as vehicle repair and replacement may be delayed for a time.

Another way that the city was able to keep tax payers and utility users at the same rates, was to transfer larger reserve fund balances to funds that had lower balances or funds, such as the electricity fund, that had greater expenditures.

Council members Ruth Hughs and Kenny Massey complimented City staff on keeping the budget in line and not raising the rates for taxpayers or utility users.