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We got so busy today working on a few stories that it wasn’t until this afternoon we realized that began two years ago today.

It has been an honor and a privilege to have worked with the community to report the news and information important to the citizens of Eudora and the surrounding community.  We appreciate all those who have given their support through the years to keep this website running. This includes all our great advertisers, sponsors and most importantly, our readers.

Thank you for allowing us to reach you on a daily basis.  We appreciate you checking in with us.

We look forward to serving the community for years to come. While we may be celebrating the birthday, this site is for you. Thank you all!


 Eudora News and

One year ago today, burst onto the scene as Eudora’s newest information source.  We started it with the following premises:

1) Bring the news stories of note to the citizens of Eudora and the people that care about our fair city.

2) Feature events, happenings, and the people that make Eudora one of the best communities in Kansas.

3) Give everyone a one stop guide for places, events, and what’s happening around town.

4) When needed and where appropriate, give editorial comment on the news and information.

When we started this little venture, we had no idea how fast or how popular the site would become in just a year. We appreciate everyone who comes to our site to learn about news and information of the city.

In the past year we’ve brought you some tragic events and some lighthearted fun.   We’ve cried with you as we grieved at some our losses and cheered on others as we see them succeed. We have watched a few business come and a few go. We’ve even gently (okay, maybe a couple of times not so gently) prodded some officials to take action.  We’ve brought you conversations with multiple city, county and state officials, and we’ve tried to highlight some of Eudora’s greatest assets, the citizens along the way.

We want to thank you, the reader for finding us and spreading the word about this web site. Without visitors each and every day, we would not be in business. We also greatly appreciate our advertisers whom without, we could not afford to do what we do.

In the previous year we have had the honor of being your source for Eudora news and information.  We look forward to bring you more in depth reporting, more features and the news that matters to you, the citizens, patrons and good friends of Eudora.

While we have not even hit full stride yet, this toddler is up and walking and on it’s way to becoming one of the premier news sources in East Central Kansas. Watch for more great things to come from the website in the future.  We look forward to growing bigger and better in year number two.

Thank you all so much for your kind support and following of


Henrietta Olson

One of the benefits in the job of a reporter is you get to meet great citizens and people who make Eudora a part of their life. Occasionally, the opportunity arises to meet someone who is extra special. Henrietta Olson is another one of those extra special people. Henrietta turned 106 years young on Friday. To celebrate the milestone, the staff of Medicalodges threw Henrietta a huge birthday party.

Along with the residents of the facility, friends and family also gathered to celebrate this amazing event. Five generations from Henrietta down to two great great grandsons were on hand to celebrate.

Five generations of Olson’s family

Henrietta attributes her longevity to working hard in her younger days and exercising regularly. “My mother was a hard worker” she said.  “We shoveled horse manure, carried water and worked hard at washing the clothes.”

Henrietta has been active all her life. Her parents operated a feed store during her formative years and she was an avid horse rider.  Later in life, Henrietta sold real estate working in that career well into her 70’s before retiring.

To put into perspective how long Henrietta has been with us, Henrietta was born in 1904 in Kansas City, MO and, as a child, moved to Kansas City, KS in a covered wagon.

Henrietta still keeps going today. “You’ve got to keep active.  You got to keep kicking every day.” she said. “And I still read the paper without wearing glasses.”

Sue Coleman, Activities Director for Medical Lodges, is amazed how spry she still is. “She comes to every resident meeting, she helps decorate and she’s constantly up and down the halls checking on everyone. She keeps track of all the residents and the staff.  She worries more about others than even herself.”

Helen Smith, Olson’s 81 year old daughter, attributes Henrietta making it 106 by the fact that she just loves living. “She’s got great bloodlines and been blessed with good health and good genes.”

Olson and Mayor Scott Hopson

In honor of her 106th birthday, Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson was on hand to present Olson with a mayoral proclamation recognizing her as a valued member of the community. “She’s amazing. I hope that I’m that strong and agile when I’m 80.” Hopson stated.

Olson was also honored by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Henrietta is the second oldest active member of the DAR in the nation.

Smith later told us, “She’s going to be pretty hard to be around, now that she’s got all this attention from the media.”