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Signs are on the thoughts of many at City Hall lately. The story began in February when Ad Trend, a company that specializes in billboards, came to the Planning Commission to seek approval for a billboard on the HP Pelzer property near K-10.  This billboard was met with concerns by the Planning Commission as to size and types of advertisements that will be on the billboard.

Because of the concerns of the Planning Commission, the City Council instituted a 90-day moratorium on signs in the city so the Planning Commission could look at current sign regulations and possibly revise those regulations.  This moratorium, will expire on May 28.

The Planning Commission at their March meeting, requested some specific information from Ad Trend as to size of advertisements and fonts that would be used on the billboards.  As of April 1, according to Planning Commission Chairman Kurt Von Achen, Ad Trend had not provided this information to the Planning Commission.

Recently, Ad Trend Inc, has filed a mandamus writ against the City of Eudora. A mandamus writ is not a lawsuit involving monetary damages, it is simply a suit to force the city to act.

City Administrator John Harrenstein, on the advice of legal counsel, would not comment on the lawsuit.

While the writ has been filed, the moratorium continues and the Planning Commission will continue to review the regulations at the beginning of May.  Any recommendations they make, will then be sent on City Council for approval.

The Planning Commission at the April meeting, talked publicly how they are giving serious consideration to eliminating the possibility any billboards along the K-10 corridor inside the city limits.  This would match a similar policy that KODT has for the K-10 corridor outside any city limits along the corridor.