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Eudora could soon see it’s first ever billboard. This billboard, if approved, would be located near K-10 on the HP Pelzer property in the Intech Business Park.

The billboard would be double sided so it could be read in both directions on K-10 and it would measure 10′ wide by ’30 feet high. The billboard will be owned by Ad Trend, Inc. of Kansas City Missouri. (Editor Note: The billboard in the picture above is not representative of this size.)

You don’t see many billboards along K-10 between the Kansas City Metro area and Lawrence due to restrictions placed by KDOT which controls the right of way along side the road and the K-10 Highway Overlay District. The only way billboards can be placed along side K-10 is on private property inside city limits and the billboards must meet various city code restrictions.

In Eudora, the restrictions are rather numerous.  As Planning Commission Chairman Kurt von Achen described “This is probably the only spot in the city of Eudora where a billboard can be placed.”

Many Planning Commission members are concerned about this billboard. The exact placement of the billboard is still being looked into as to ensure that it meets the rigorous restrictions in place.  There are a couple of requirements Ad Trend has yet to meet before the billboard can be erected. Those include a public access easement and lettering and graphics that must be approved prior to placing advertisements on the billboard.

Planning Commissioners are also concerned about what type of advertisements may appear on the board. Ad Trend stated at the last Planning Commission meeting that they don’t accept advertising from advertisers such as tobacco, “adult” products and establishments, or controversial organizations.

The only landowner in the immediate area of this board is Air Filter Plus which is located next door to the property. While the billboard does not extend into the property of Air Filter Plus, it is in rather close proximity.  Representatives of Air Filter Plus were in attendance at the meeting to voice their unhappiness with the proposed signage.

Planning Commission members, while expressing distaste for the billboard, may have no legal way to prevent this board. “We may have no choice but to approve this” von Achen stated. “The company has done all their research and followed all the rules that are on the books.”