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Earlier this week, Senator Tom Holland’s campaign sent mailers to voters and press releases to the media with quotes from Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson claiming Holland was the only one willing to help in the effort to get cable median barriers installed on K-10 and attempt to get K-10 designated as a safety corridor.

Representative Anthony Brown, who is Holland’s opponent for the Senatorial seat in the 3rd District, disagrees with those claims.

“While Senator Holland introduced the Senate version of the safety corridor bill, I was was working the House side,” Brown said.  “I was lobbying the governor’s office trying to get this passed.”

While the Senate version of the bill passed, the House bill died in committee.

“The reason it died in committee was lack of interest,” Brown stated. “While the Mayor came to Topeka to testify before the Senate committee, he did not come to testify before the House committee.  The House committee members did not act because no official from Eudora came to the hearings.”

Brown also says that the Mayor’s claims that “We made numerous phone calls to our local elected state representatives” are erroneous.

“To the best of my knowledge, I never received any phone call from the Mayor at my home or on my cell phone about the cables or the safety corridor bill.”

Brown stated that while Hopson and City Administrator John Harrenstein did attempt to see him while they were in Topeka for the Senate hearings, Brown said he was in other meetings in the Capitol and was not able to meet with them at that time.

Brown did provide a copy of a text conversation that occurred between Brown’s wife Susie and Jodi Jackson. Jackson was one of the four women who created the Facebook page that kept the issue of cable median barriers in the public eye.  Hopson’s wife Tina was also involved in the Facebook group. (

In the conversation dated April 19, 2011, Brown’s wife gave Jackson Anthony’s cell phone number and email address. Brown’s wife stated in that conversation that “He doesn’t have a decision directly in this, but definitely can facilitate contacts and direction to KDOT.”

Brown also provided a letter sent to him by Secretary of Transportation Mike King from July of 2012, where King updated the progress of the project.

“I am aware of your strong support for the construction of cable barriers in the median of Kansas Highway 10 in Douglas and Johnson Counties,” King said in the letter.  Later in the letter, King added that “Your support and advocacy in your community has been indispensable.”

The push for cable median barriers on K-10 began after a crossover accident took the life 5-year-old Cainan Shutt on K-10 on April 16, 2011.





Rep. Anthony Brown (R-Eudora)

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Republicans in Douglas and Leavenworth County spoke loud and clear on Tuesday in their choice for a candidate from the 3rd Senate District in Kansas. Anthony Brown won with 68% of the vote 3,111 against J.C. Tellefson’s 1,434.

“It was a good old fashioned butt whooping,” Tellefson said. “I’m very disappointed. I think I had the best chance at beating Tom Holland. My message obviously did not resonate with the voters.”

Brown, who attended festivities at the Republican Initiative offices in Lawrence, was happy with the outcome.

“Obviously, it was a very good night.  I am really excited about the outcome of all the elections in the state,” Brown said.

Brown did have good words about his opponent.

“I really want to congratulate J.C. fora great campaign. He was focused on the issues and did not get into gutter politics.”

Brown will now take on incumbent Senator Tom Holland. Holland is looking for a second term as Senator.

“We need to reunite the Republican party and have a good solid campaign talking about the issues including jobs, reform of state government and the state budget.”

Tellefson, who now plans to focus on caring for an older family member, may be in the mood for some travel also.

“I may have not won the Super Bowl, but I’m just gonna go to Disneyland,” Tellefson said.


Representative Anthony Brown

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We wrap up our series of  profiles of the GOP Primary candidates for the 42nd House District and 3rd Senate District in the Kansas State House.  Both of these districts encompass the city of Eudora. All the GOP candidates were sent the exact same questionnaire.  Today, we are printing the response from 3rd Senate District Candidate and current House District 38 Representative Anthony Brown.

Please tell about your background.

– Born and raised on a small farm between Baldwin and Eudora.

– Graduated from Baldwin High in 1987.

– Enlisted in the Marine Corps and am a decorated veteran of Desert Storm.

– Graduated from Emporia State University with a BS in Secondary Education.

I taught school for four years at Atchison County Community Schools in Effingham, Kansas.  After a career change, I started working construction and now have my own small construction business, American Heritage Construction, LLC.  I entered into politics eight years ago and have been fortunate to represent Eudora in the 38th District.


Please tell us about your political experience.

I was elected to Kansas State House Representative in 2004 until present.  I currently chair the House committee Commerce and Economic Development.


What do you think is the most important issue that will face the Kansas Senate in the next year?

I feel the budget is always one of the biggest issues in the Legislative process, followed closely by job creation in the private sector.


The Kansas state budget has caused great debate in recent years. How do you plan on improving the state budget?

We need to prioritize our budget to ensure the most vulnerable in Kansas are cared for and provide essential services.  We must make government more efficient and effective.


Education funding makes up a large portion of the state budget. Many districts have stated that state funding for education has been inadequate. What are your thoughts on education funding?

The average cost of educating a Kansas student is a little over $12,000 according to the Kansas Department of Education.  Funding comes mainly from three sources; Based state aid per pupil, local contributions and federal dollars.  A little over $12,000 is comparable if not exceeding many of our neighboring states.  We need to create a stable and secure funding for education so our schools can continue to meet the needs of our work force.


Education funding and redistricting of seats have been settled in the court system as opposed to the State House. What are your thoughts on the court system determining policies that should be settled by the Legislature?

The House finished in early February with a fair map for all of Kansas that passed with an overwhelming majority supported by both Democrats and Republicans.  The Senate was unwilling to pass a House map until the House adopted a gerrymandered Senate map that collapsed a Minority/Majority district in western Kansas.  Drawing out known opponents to protect Senate incumbents was egregious enough, but the House felt we could not pass a Senate map that diluted a Minority/Majority district.  The Senate not looking to enter into a compromise forced the map to the courts.  The funding issue will always be raised by school districts who want more money from State taxpayers.  The court is just simply carrying out their function as part of the checks and balances we have in our Constitution.


Health care has seen many changes from the federal government recently. These changes will affect all citizens. What are your thoughts on these changes and what will you do as a Senator for the citizens of Kansas when it comes to healthcare?

I voted, and will again, to allow Kansas to opt out of Obama Care.  I have always been a strong proponent of lower health insurance costs.  I favor Health Savings Accounts to ensure individuals have more control over their healthcare needs.  I have also been an advocate for allowing insurance companies to offer products regardless of state boundaries.  Currently, insurance companies are limited from competing across state lines, which in my opinion drives up costs of insurance.


An issue that is important to many people is abortion. What is your stance on abortion and what will you do to support your position in the State Senate?

I have 100% pro life voting record and have always been endorsed by Kansans For Life.  I am pleased to receive their endorsement yet again this year.


Same sex marriage is also a popular topic in the United States. What is your position on marriage?

I voted for the marriage amendment my first session in Topeka.  The voters in the State of Kansas overwhelmingly supported the position of one man, one woman in marriage.


Citizens in the state hold the belief that their taxes are high. With that said, what is your opinion on taxes in the state and what are your plans, if any, to change taxes, either up or down?

This last census illustrated that the highest tax states in America lost population.  The best example is California and they lost Congressional seats because of the population shift.  We know these folks moved to one of four states, Wyoming, Tennessee, Florida and Texas.  All these states do not tax capital.  These individuals did not move because they wanted a tax break.  They moved because they were chasing jobs and careers.  We must lower our taxes on capital to attract more jobs so all families can have the same opportunity to succeed.  When Kansans are working the State revenues go up and are able to provide those much needed services we expect from the State.


What other issues are important to you that you plan on fighting for or against as a member of the Legislature?

We need to continue to foster job growth and wealth creation in the State.  We have to make Kansas a better place to start and grow a business.  We have to cut regulation and limit government intrusion in the business sector.  We have to provide services to the developmental and physically disabled community as well as protecting the aging and elderly.


Why do you want to sit in the Senate?

I feel I have the experience and the working relationships with many folks in the Legislature and can hit the ground running.  I feel Kansas is on the verge of a tremendously strong economic recovery.  I want to make sure we stay the course and allow the programs we put into place to foster this growth.  Kansas should be a place where hard work is still rewarded and create a stable and secure future so all families can take advantage of the opportunity before them.


The Eudora Chamber of Commerce and are proud to bring you the opportunity to learn more about candidates in person at a town hall forum on Tuesday, July 17th at 7:00 PM.  Meet the Candidates – 2012 – The GOP Primary will take place at Eudora City Hall 4 E. 7th Street in Downtown Eudora.  Past president of the Chamber of Commerce Amy Durkin and Managing Editor John Schulz will host the event.  The candidates will be asked a series of questions determined by a panel from both and the Chamber of Commerce.  Citizens will also have the opportunity to ask questions of the candidates.

The Chamber of Commerce and hope that you can attend the event which is open to the public and free of charge.


Kansas 3rd District Senate Candidates (l-r) Anthony Brown (R), J.C. Tollefson (R), and Tom Holland (D)

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Last Thursday night, a three judge panel chopped up the boundaries of almost every House and Senate district in the State of Kansas.  What this means in Eudora is that the city of Eudora proper is now in the 42nd District in the House of Representatives and just south of the city limits is in the 10th District. Preciously these areas were all located in the 38th District.  The jockeying for seats by the currently serving legislators also got very interesting.  The entire area will remain in the 3rd District in the Kansas Senate.

With that redistricting, candidates scrambled to decide if they wanted to move, retire or run for seats in districts they previously were not in.  Anthony Brown pulled the biggest stunner of local politicians when he decided to make a run for the 3rd District in the Senate.  Brown has served four terms in the House and decided that he wanted to continue to represent Eudora.

“I didn’t like not supporting Eudora,” Brown said. “It really bothered my that I couldn’t represent the city anymore.”  Brown lives just south of the city limits and therefore would have had to run in the 10th District if he had desired to stay in the House of Representatives.

Brown will have a primary challenge to face in August becuase Republican J.C. Tellefson has also filed for the 3rd District.

“I filed back in January because I knew I wanted to run for the Senate,” Tellefson stated.  “I want to lower the volume of discord in the Senate.”

Tellefson is a resident of Leavenworth and served one term as a Levenworth County Commissioner.

“I’m proud of my record as County Commissioner, I’m fiscally conservative and socially moderate,” Tellefson added.

One of Tellefson’s first acts as County Commissioner was to pass the initiative to improve Leavenworth County Road 1 which led to getting the Turnpike exit located between Tonganoxie and Eudora.

The Republican primary will take place August 7 and the winner of that race will face Incumbent Senator Tom Holland in the General Election November 6.  Holland has served one term as the 3rd District Senator and served three terms as the House Representative for the 10th District prior to moving to the Senate.

The other race that will be interesting to watch is the 42nd House District.  Two term Republican incumbent Connie O’Brien of Tonganoxie will face Republican Sandra Bohne from Leavenworth. Bohne ran an unsuccessful campaign against Melanie Meier in the 40th District in 2010.

We will focus on this race as we talk to the candidates in the 42nd in the coming days.   As we begin our in depth political coverage of the races that affect the Eudora community, we will be bringing you profiles of all the candidates and follow them along the campaign trail so that the our readers can make an informed decision in both August and November.



New map of Kansas House Districts

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A large fight has been ongoing in the Kansas House and Senate about the redrawing of State Senate and House District maps. Every 10 years, following a census, states redraw district lines to balance out population changes from the previous decade.

Both Democrats and Republicans have been arguing the issue back and forth in Topeka for months. Finally, with both sides at an impasse, the task of drawing the maps was left up to three federal judges. Late Thursday, the three judge panel unveiled their maps for the entire state.

While the State Senate remapping does not affect the City of Eudora or the nearby surrounding area, the House map brings a variety of changes.

Eudora will move from the 38th District to the 42nd District.  Currently, the 38th District is represented by Anthony Brown, a Republican who resides just south of Eudora.  The 42nd District is currently represented by Connie O’Brien who is a lives just north of Tonganoxie.

To confuse matters even more, Brown lives in what will now become part of the 10th District.  The 10th District will include a large portion of Douglas County south of Eudora and stretch to encompass a portion of Southeast Lawrence over to Iowa Street.

Confused yet? So are many currently sitting House members.  The 10th District is currently served by first term Representative TerriLois Gregory.  With Brown and Gregory both in the same District, either they will need to face each other in the primary or one of them makes the decision not to run.  The 42nd District is now home to O’Brien (R) and Representative Melanie Meier (D) from Leavenworth.

Of the 125 members of the State House of Representatives, 23 districts now have two currently sitting members residing in a District and 25 districts will have no currently sitting member.

The icing on the cake is that the filing deadline for House and Senate candidates is noon Monday. Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the official in charge of elections, has stated that the deadline will not be moved. This means that the incumbents suddenly have 72 hours to make the decision to run or not run.  Also, the 25 districts which have no incumbent living in it’s borders will have the same amount of time to have someone step up to the plate and run for election. was able to reach Brown early Friday afternoon and asked him what his plans might be about running for reelection in the newly formed 10th District.

“No decision has been made yet,” Brown said.

Obviously, with the new maps, the State House elections will be very interesting to watch.  The primary election will be held on Aug. 7.