Anita Mitts

Anita and Tim Mitts of the Filling Station

Anita and Tim Mitts of the Filling Station

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You can’t get gas for your car at The Filling Station, 726 1/2 Main in downtown Eudora, but you sure can find a lot of other things. Housed in a historic building that was a blacksmith shop in Eudora’s early days (and still has the cool barn doors in the back to prove it), it’s the perfect spot for the eclectic gift shop owned by Tim and Anita Mitts.

The shop is full of unique gifts that range from antique furniture to home decor to interesting piecesIMG_1209 of art created by local craftsmen. It is all arranged in an eye-pleasing way that makes one want to browse through every nook and cranny of the store. The Mitts love having the opportunity to showcase the goods made by folks right here in this area.

“A good percentage of our things are either made by local crafters or provided by local vendors,” said Anita. “We are very excited about this as it provides for some unique gift ideas, but also provides a means for local crafters and vendors to sell their products.”

When Tim Mitts runs the store on Friday afternoons, he always asks customers what they’d like to see in the store and then tries to fill that need.

“A perfect example is the popcorn,” Tim said as he pointed to a display of beautifully bagged gourmet popcorn. “A woman said that there was no place in town to buy popcorn now that Penny Annie’s is closed. So we got popcorn.”

Table_Chairs_Filling_StationAnita added, “We continue to change as we grow by asking and listening to our customers for ideas and how better to serve them. We know that small towns can be a challenge for new businesses but we are committed to grow by providing great customer service and providing products at a fair price.”

The Mitts, who have been in the area for about 35 years, love small town life. They enjoy meeting the people who come into The Filling Station, as well as providing a place where local folks can run into each other.

“One of the great things about Eudora customers is that they love to chat, talk about the past, and about what is going on today,” said Anita. “People bump into each other that they know and end up being in the store for an hour getting caught up. That does not happen in a big box store in a large metro area, and it’s fun to be a part of it.”

The Filling Station isn’t the only new thing happening in downtown Eudora. Tim and Anita are excited that there are other new businesses are starting up: two bakeries, a brewery, a couple of eating establishments, an event planning business, a printing company, and a bed and breakfast to name a few.

The Filling Station is currently open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons and from 10:00 to 6:00 on Saturdays. Each week they have new things for sale. Check the store’s Facebook page to keep up with the current gifts, pieces of furniture and unique home decor. Don’t let the holiday season pass without a trip to The Filling Station right here in Eudora!


Eudora News and

Two new business are going to be coming to Eudora in the coming days and weeks.

Anita Mitts, a reading and math teacher in the Eudora School District, will be opening up a gift shop in downtown Eudora at 714 Main Street. The Filling Station will be selling decor for home and office, personal gifts,
candles, appetizer packages, Christmas decorations, Christmas gifts, party supplies, coffee and books.

“I love downtown,” Mitts said. “And i’ve always wanted to own a bookstore and there is nowhere to buy affordable gifts in town like this.”

Mitts stated how she loves the feel of a vibrant downtown community and wants to help recreate that in Eudora. For the remainder of the year, The Filling Station will be open Wednesday through Friday from 12 PM to 7 PM, Saturday from 10 to 5 and Sunday Noon to 5. While the store opens up on Thursday, the official Grand Opening will be on Wednesday, November 9.

Also next week, on November 11, Rebel Roxie’s boutique will open in Eudora.  Owners Kristi Mossberg and Sandy Clark have owned the business for nearly 10 years and have operated it at the Mall of the Great Plains in Olathe prior to moving the business to Eudora.

“Ive lived here for 30 years,” Mossberg said. “This is my hometown and since we have clients in both Lawrence and Kansas City, it makes perfect sense for us to be here.”

Rebel Roxie’s will offer hand made crafts and art. Mossberg stated that she uses vendors and artists within 250 miles of Eudora and buys directly from the artists and craft makers.  Rebel Roxie’s will be located at 101 W. 10th in part of the space previously occupied by Byrne’s Pharmacy.  They will be open from 9 AM to 6 PM Tuesday through Saturday for the remainder of the year.

In other business news, there is still no word on an opening date for Pennie Annie’s. We have learned through sources that there were some building infrastructure issues which have been addressed and fixed, but there is still no word on an opening date.  Many people have inquired about this and we will keep you posted.

We are trying to track down some information on other businesses that have opened or will be opening soon and will keep you updated as that information becomes available.  Remember, the local businesses are here for you. Make sure to support the local businesses.  By supporting the businesses, you help keep tax dollars and jobs in our community.