American troops

Brie Winder and students of Firm Foundation Day School

The students at Firm Foundations Day School and items they collected for our troops

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The preschoolers at Firm Foundation Day School aren’t just learning their letters and numbers.  They’re learning at the tender age of 4 and 5 to give back to their community.  It’s easy to see from their enthusiasm that they’re enjoying every minute of it!

Though Brie Winder, owner of the Eudora school, says that her most important mission is getting the kids ready for kindergarten, she has given her students many opportunities to help others.  Their current project is collecting toiletries and other items to send to the troops in Afghanistan.

“We’ve done a lot of things to learn about community and what it means to be part of a community, said Winder.  “The kids have collected food for the local food pantry, adopted a park, and will serve breakfast next month at the Public Safety Building in Eudora.”

The kids are excited about their recent collections for the soldiers and couldn’t wait to show me all the goodies they had packed into boxes ready to be mailed.  There were bars of soap, tubes of toothpaste, toothbrushes (even a Ninja toothbrush!), bar soap and sunscreen.  They had also added some fun treats like beef jerky, candy and cookies, and even a box of travel games to help soldiers deal with boredom.

Winder’s son Greyson is one of the students of the day school.  His enthusiasm about filling the boxes was contagious as he pointed out his favorite items. His older brother Isaac, a second grader at Eudora Elementary, got his classmates involved as well.  They made cards of support and thanks, along with colorful pictures, to add to the boxes.

The idea of helping the troops began when Winder’s cousin, 2010 LHS graduate Evan Georgie, was sent to Afghanistan with his Army unit in January of this year.  Through her cousin she became aware of the soldiers’ needs.

“I never knew that their personal items are not supplied by the military,” explained Wilder.  “Where he is stationed there isn’t a PX so he can’t even go buy things.  He’s there with 50 other guys.”

In February Wilder and her students began the collections.  They have several boxes filled to the brim now that will surely bring a lot of joy to our brave men and women who serve with her cousin.  There might be some arguing over who gets the Ninja toothbrush!

This is the first year for Firm Foundation Day School.  It’s motto is “Building a firm foundation for a stronger tomorrow.”  Winder was in public education for 13 years before starting her own school, which meets in her house.  While the students are learning many things that will help them scholastically down the road, they’re also learning something that will affect them throughout their entire lives: the value of serving others.  And they’re doing it with a smile!