Amandas Dance Academy

Amandas_Dance_Academy_2014_National CompetitorsFive ladies from Amanda’s Dance Academy will be participating in National competitions this month. Pictured (l-r) are Ella Culliss, Tristen Bogart, Breeanna Moore, Ashley Fox, and Leslie Douglas.  (Photo courtesy Amanda’s Dance Academy)

This summer five hard-working dancers from Amanda’s Dance Academy will get to experience competing against dancers from across the country at a National competition. Tristen Bogart, Ella Culliss, Leslie Douglas and Breeanna Moore will be going to the Talent On Parade National Finals in Overland Park, KS. They qualified for this event with an outstanding performance at the regional competition. Ashley Fox will be competing at the Cathy Roe Ultimate Dance Competition National Finals in Mason, OH.

The Talent On Parade National Finals and the Cathy Roe Ultimate Dance National Finals will be held July 8 – 13.

Amanda Herrmann, owner of Amanda’s Dance Academy asked each girl what they thought about going to Nationals.

“I am super excited to go to TOP Nationals!,” Tristen Bogart, 10 said. “I’ve never done this before but this might be the greatest experience I will have in dance. I have worked my hardest to be ready and I think I have improved the most this year because this is my first year doing a solo.”

Bogart enjoys dancing immensely and loves the friendships she has kindled with others.

“It’s the thing I love! I also am doing it with the people I love most: Ms. Victoria, Mrs. Amanda and my dance partner and best friend Ella, and the older girls I look up to most. It’s gonna be awesome”

Ella Culliss, 9  likewise is thrilled about competing on a national stage.

“I enjoy dancing because it is so fun and it is inspiring! I am confident and excited about Nationals,” Culliss stated.  “My partner Tristen and I have worked hard and love our dance. Amanda’s Dance Academy is wonderful and so are the teachers.”

Breeanna Moore, 12, added about how nerve racking performing at a level like this can be.

“That moment before I take center stage, my hands are sweaty, I can hear my heart beat in my chest and I have butterflies in my tummy,” Moore said.  “Everything I worked so hard for and all the hours I spent at the studio over the past year … I get the chance to show it and tell a beautiful story for those  3 minutes while I am on stage.  Those 3 minutes are everything to me.  Those 3 minutes is when my world shines”.

Leslie Douglas, 15 is thankful for the opportunity to compete in Nationals.

“12 ½ years of pain and hard work and I’m so happy with how it’s paid off, Douglas said.  “Years ago, I would never have imagined getting an opportunity like this. I’m very excited to participate at a national level!”

Ashley Fox, 14 talked about the chance to compete in the Cincinnati area.

“I am thrilled to be dancing at nationals this year! It is an honor to represent Amanda’s Dance Academy in Ohio.”

Amandas Dance Academy Recital 2014
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Amanda’s Dance Academy is hosting their annual recital this Saturday, June 14th at 7:00 PM and Sunday, June 15th at 2:00 pm.  The Recital will be held at the Eudora High School Performing Arts Center.  
The Saturday show will showcase dancers from the studio that are ages 9 and older and members of their Performing Company. The younger dancers, ages 8 and under, and members of the Performing Company will be performing at the Sunday show.

This years recital theme is “American the Beautiful” and many of the dance routines will be to patriotic songs. There will be dances from many difference genres including ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, acro, and contemporary. According to Amanda Herrmann, Owner of Amanda’s Dance Academy, the dancers will be performing in stunning costumes.

Tickets will be available at the doors until sold out and are $6 each.  All net proceeds from the show this year will be going to the American Cancer Society.  Amanda’s Dance Academy hopes you come support their talented dancers as they showcase their skills and the American Cancer Society.


Breanna_MooreBreeanna Moore performing one of her dance routines (photo  by Theresa Noll-Thompson of WilLaDrew Photography)

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Breeanna Moore, 12, of Eudora participated in the Talent on Parade National Competition held in Overland Park, KS this past week. Moore performed two solos at the competition, a jazz routine to “Call Me Maybe” and a ballet to “White Houses”.

Moore made it to the national competition by excelling at the regional competition held in April.  During regionals, Moore qualified not only to make it to Nationals, she was selected to participate in the Top Starz program as well. Top Starz gives the dancer an opportunity to take classes from a professional choreographer for four days, before performing the dance they learned on Friday evening. The classes ran for several hours over the course of four days leading up to the Top Starz program. Moore performed in the program with over 200 top dancers from around the nation.

A dancer since the age of four, Moore is a student at Amanda’s Dance Academy in Eudora where she has been under the instruction of owner Amanda Hermann since 2007.  Moore has performed the two solos throughout the past year at competitions and local performances.  According to Hermann, Moore’s hard work, which includes training for over 3 hours each week, paid off with this opportunity to participate in the National competition.

“I am so thrilled for this opportunity for Breeanna. She has worked so hard not only this year, but the past several years to become a great dancer,” Hermann said. This is Hermann’s first student to participate at the national competition.  “It’s exciting for me as her teacher to see her achieve her goals and become such a beautiful dancer. This will be a great learning experience for her that she can use to continue following her passion. I could not be more proud of her. ”

Breanna-Moore_AwardsMoore poses with her awards from Nationals (photo courtesy Amanda’s Dance Academy)

Moore was asked how it felt to participate in a competition of such a large scale like this.

“That is a tough question to answer because so many things are involved for me to dance at this level. I fell in love with dance the first time I put on a pair of ballet shoes when I was 3 and have not quit twirling,” Moore said.  “Since then, I have put a lot of time, effort, dedication and passion into my dance career. It is my life and I never want to stop dancing.”

Moore said she was honored to participate in the program but did not forget her family and teachers.

“I would not be at this level of dancing without a few important people in my life. My Mom, who drives me to the dance studio five days a week and is always there to hug me when I come off the stage. My Dad, who never says no when I ask if I can take “just one more class” year after year. My brother and sister, who sit through my competitions year after year. Miss Amanda and Miss Eileen who believe in me, teach me new things and always cheer me on. My friends who always ask about my dance competitions and my ADA (Amanda’s Dance Academy) family who is always supporting me.”

Nationals appear to be only a start for this talented dancer. When asked what her future plans were, she was already preparing for further competitions.

“I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon,” Moore stated.  “I can hardly wait to get back in the studio.  Next year I plan on doing two solos, dancing with the Junior Company Team, taking a pointe class, Hip Hop III and taking a company production jazz class.”

Moore says she will be several festivals and competitions over the next year and hopes to perform well enough to make a return trip to Nationals next year.

“Fingers crossed that I get the opportunity to go to Nationals again and get selected to be apart of the Top Stars dance team again.  It was one of the best moments in my life.”

Moore also is keeping an eye towards at an academic future as well.

“Ever since I could say the words ‘Rock Chalk Jayhawk’, I have always wanted to be a KU Rock Chalk Dancer and attend Kansas University when I go off to college.  I think they are amazing dancers and I want to be apart of their team,” Moore said.   “Once I am out of college … my ultimate dream is to own my own dance studio and inspire young ballerinas like Miss Amanda has done for me.”