2011 elections


Moments after we went to post with the story, Kenny Massey filed for Eudora City Council. This was a last minute filing but he makes it in time and should be on the ballot for City Council.  Massey currently serves on the School District Board.

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The noon filing deadline for candidates wanting to be on the ballot this spring for School Board and City Council has come and gone.

Here is the unofficial list from the Douglas County Election commission. This list will be finalized this Thursday but we wanted to get you the latest information. An (I) behind the name indicates they are an incumbent.

For Eudora City Council we have the following candidates: Ruth Hughs (I), Jerry Trober, Chris Fiedler, John Fiore and Maria Nelson (I).  Update: Kenny Massey makes the filing deadline and files for City Council.

Three seats on the City Council will be up for election in April.  The only current sitting Council member to not run for reelection is Jeff Peterson.

For the School Board, we have four seats that are 4 year terms and one two year term to fill the seat of Keith Nowland who resigned from the board in 2010. The only candidate to file for the two year seat was Joseph Hurla. For the four other seats, Daniel Dickerson, Mark Chrislip (I), Belinda Rehmer (I), Bryan Maring and Joe Pyle (I) filed for the election.

Kenny Massey and Nancy Jackson did not file to run again for their seats. (see Update Notes)

Since we have a limited number of candidates in both groups, there will not be a need for a primary election. The general election will take place on April 5, 2011.

We will have full election coverage as both the governing bodies are extremely important to the future of our city and these organizations may very well shape the future for years to come. Make sure to keep an eye on the site and via Facebook for updates.


1/18/2011 NEWS UPDATE

Mark Chrisplip has filed for reelection for his School Board seat as of this morning.

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We wanted to give you a quick rundown as to what we have learned about candidates so far in the upcoming elections.

First the City Council Elections:

Incumbent Ruth Hughs has filed for the campaign. Councilwoman Maria Nelson has stated on the record that she is going to file.

Challenger Jerry Trober has also filed for the election. Jeff Peterson, the other sitting council member has decided not to run.  Three seats are up for election in 2011.

On the School Board:

There are five seats to be put to a vote. 4 regular seats held by board members Mark Chrislip, Kenny Massey, Joe Pyle and Belinda Rehmer are up and Nancy Jackson was appointed to the board, so her seat is also up for reelection this year.

As of late last week, Rehmer was the only incumbent so far to file.  Chrislip  (SEE NEWS UPDATE ABOVE), Massey and Pyle stated they are still “undecided”. Jackson was unavailable to comment and has not returned inquiries.

Also filing for School Board seats are Dr. Daniel Dickerson and Bryan Maring. Dickerson practices at Eudora Family Care and Maring has been an instructor at the University and High school levels.

The filing deadline is January 25th.  As we get closer to the elections, we will have candidate profiles for all the candidates running in the election who choose to respond. EudoraReporter.com will be your one stop location for election coverage in 2011.