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Over the course of the last few weeks, residents in the Winchester Estates area were hit by a rash of  car windows being shot out.  During the first weekend in April, Eudora police received 16 separate reports of vandalism in the neighborhood. This was not the first wave of car vandalism. Eudora Police Chief Bill Edwards stated that 5 other reports came in the weekend prior to that.

Chief Edwards today announced that two suspects were arrested by officers on Friday and that the Department has filed affidavits with the Douglas County District Attorney for charges against two other suspects.  Edwards said  that they are not releasing the names of the four suspects as all four are juveniles.

Edwards credited the work of Officer Daniel Flick and Sergeant Tom Willis who investigated the case which led to the arrests and charges against the suspects.

In other Police Department news, Edwards said that Eudora Police and Eudora High School staff  with the assistance of the Shawnee Police Department K-9 Unit conducted a sweep of the High School locker areas on Friday looking for drug alerts.

“The dogs found nothing of significance and we were in and out of the school in less than an hour,” Edwards told us.

The search was conducted during the Noon hour on Friday.

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4 Responses to Suspects arrested in Winchester Estates car vandalisms

  • I am sooooo happy that the police department did a fantastic job apprehending the suspects in these window damages. Kudos and great job to Officers Flick and Willis.

    My only question is; are the suspects families financially responsible for the damages incurred by their juvenile delinquents?

    • Since the minors are only suspects, property damage claims can not yet be applied. You may have heard the line on the TV show Cops before, but all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. IF, and we stress IF, the suspects are proven guilty, then the possibility of their parents having to pay restitution does exist. I am not an attorney and don’t know all the nuances of the law so I won’t say yes or no to your question. The law does provide avenues for victims to seek relief if found guilty.

      – JS

      • I know how the system works. My question was meant for the newspaper, and I decided to keep it short as I am certain the news editor knows how suspects, and defendants, and convicted terms are defined. As far as your input, I am completely illuminated on how the courts need to convict, before renumeration can be mandated.

  • Thank you to the officers for doing a great job. Take those little bastards out and beat there butts !!!!!! make them pay for the damage and deport them to IRAQ !!!! 🙂