Eudora News and

by Megan Helm

Thursday night the School Board met to continue the hard work of maintaining high quality education for all Eudora children. They welcomed newest members, Joe Hurla. In addition they assigned additional board appointments, approve bids for food service contracts for next school year, heard reports and reviewed the districts strategic plan.

Joe Pyle will be leading the board as President and Eric Votaw will be supporting the role of Vice President for the 2011-12 school year. Mike Kelso was nominated to the Special Education Co Op Board.

Superintendent Don Grosdidier reported on the Legislative Reports from Topeka. Of most concern to Eudora is House Sub for SB 23 adds language to the Revised Kansas Code for Care of Children and the Revised Kansas Juvenile Justice Code requiring the board of education of a school district to award a diploma to any child over the age 14 who is in the SRS or JJC system, requests one, is enrolled in the district and has met minimum state requirements. House bill 2182 Sports Injury Act will also be a very important law that requires information be provided to students and parents about concussions. A waiver must be signed by the athletes legal guardian and be on file. Student athletes suspected of having concussions must be removed from play immediately. Only written permission from a licensed physician will readmit a player. Grosdidier will be updating the trainers and coaches of the new law. “It’s something we’ll be able to comply with.”

Vandalism at the stadium was discussed. According to Superintendent Grosdidier, the cost of the Cardinal head, the high jump pit and sealing the track again, to bring it to its original state, would cost around 130,000 per the contractor, ATG Sports. The need to seal the track was discussed as was attempting the clean up another way. “We’re still looking at alternatives to graffiti removal. We are being very cautious.” Grosdidier also mentioned that the police department has indicated that they have suspects and feel strongly that there will be an arrest very soon. Recouping the cost of damages will be pursued if arrests are made. The short term solution is to get the stadium in condition for Fall football. Grosdidier remarked, “We’ll make sure we don’t shut down our programs. The teams are still able to use the facility for training. Signs will be going up to alert the community.”

The bulk of the meeting consisting of reviewing the success the district has had implementing the Strategic plan and going over next year’s budget. The district is entering the third year of the three year plan and amazing strides have been taken under severe financial limitations. Areas made broad strides were Technology, Facility management, Student Learning with the whole child in mind and Community Partnerships. Superintendent Grosdidier wants to the board to begin considering what significant goals they would like to see the district achieve in the next three year cycle. The plan and its progress are on the Eudora School District Website as is the budget.

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