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If you have driven around town and looked at almost any businesses window, you have likely seen a sign that simply says “Shop Eudora First”.  The meaning behind the signs are rather obvious in that local businesses are trying to promote the business community and encourage people to purchase products in Eudora rather than in Lawrence or Kansas City.

The campaign though is a lot more than just signs.  The Chamber of Commerce is spearheading a program designed to help encourage shopping in Eudora. In the next few weeks, the Chamber is expected to roll out a contest where consumers are given a card that has several participating business listed on it. If you take that card into a participating business and get it signed, once you have collected five different signatures, you will be able to drop it in a bin at City Hall to go into a drawing for prizes.  Precise details and an exact list of prizes is not yet currently available.

The program was the brainchild of several business and community leaders including David Miller of Miller Agency Insurance, Linda Langston of Eudora Wine and Spirits, School Board member Belinda Rehmer, former Chamber of Commerce President Susie Pryor and Representative Anthony Brown.

“I thought it sounded like a good idea and said I would be happy to help.  I believe for these promotions to succeed you needed both the idea and some concrete rewards,” David Miller said. “I knew that would take some money. We have been here over 25 years (and an agency since 1921) and I was happy to give back to Eudora in this way.”

Miller and Brown, along with the Chamber of Commerce, put up the money for the signage.

Once the final details of the program are announced, we will be providing details where you can get your card and what the prizes will be.

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2 Responses to Shop Eudora First

  • It would help if we had more retail choices to accomplish this mission. It would also help if our local grocery store could compete with Lawrence grocers prices.

  • It would also help if the Chamber included all businesses in town. It is hard enough for small businesses to make it. I found the Chamber fees too expensive as a small business owner to participate and was snubbed when I told them I couldn’t join because of the cost. If the City is going to put any money towards advertising like the summer “shop Eudora” booklet sent out, it should include all businesses in town.