Kent MullkeyKent Mulkey lays down some licks in his studio and lesson area at Steelhead Reocrding and Guitar, 101 W. 10th Street (photo by Managing Editor John Schulz)

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While many of us think we are the next Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton when we play Guitar Hero, most of us couldn’t strike a chord that sounds good at all on the real thing.  Kent Mulkey want’s to change that.

Mulkey has opened up Steelhead Recording and Guitar at 101 W 10th Street in Eudora. This is the building that for years housed Byrne’s Pharmacy and most recently Rebel Roxie Rose.

Mulkey is no stranger to guitars.

“When I was in 6th grade, I told my Mom ‘I want a guitar’,” Mulkey said. “Luckily she bought one for me and that very night I figured out how to play Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones.”

While Mulkey was satisfied with his abilities at an early age, guitar playing was always something in the background. It was never on the front burner.  During his high school years, he walked away from it and never got serious about the guitar.

“I was playing college football and I broke my left wrist,” Muley stated. “So I decided once again to pick up a guitar and go at it.”

On and off throughout his life, guitar continued to be an interest.  While the Rolling Stones may have never rang him up to fill in, he dabbled in music as he began his career in veterinary science. Mulkey spent 28 years doing vaccine research for animals before finally hanging that up and, once again, music popped back into his life.  Mulkey in his retirement, decided to get serious about music. He earned a Masters certificate in both Production and guitar from the prestigious Berkley School of Music.  Now, he wants to share his talents with others and bring them they joy of music.

Mulkey works with all ages from the young kids to the young at heart people. He can handle Rock, Country, Jazz and Blues. He can work with those electric guitars or can go unplugged as well and settle in with an acoustic guitar. He offers private one on one lessons that will last about 30 minutes a week and handle beginners to intermediate guitar players.

In addition to lessons, Mulkey will help bands with recording session needs and help bands put together demos. Mulkey has some of the latest and greatest recording tools and software and is available for studio time.

If you want to get a hold of Mulkey, you can call him at 785-764-4545 or via email at

Mulkey also has set up a small website:


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