The City of Eudora is working towards building a new Public Safety Building. This new building would house Fire, Police and EMS services for the City.  The City of Eudora approached the Eudora School District about purchasing the Kerr Field property as a site for this new Public Safety building.

This option was discussed at the School Board meeting on Thursday night. At the urging of Board President Kenny Massey, the idea of selling Kerr Field was rejected at this time. Massey stated during the meeting that the Kerr Field property is too valuable to let go during a down economy.

“I don’t know that now is the time to be selling that property.”  “The lot value may go back up and if it does, it’s going to be worth a lot more than what it is appraised at now.” Massey said. “That’s something we hold onto until we see what’s going to happen down the road.”

School Board member Belinda Rehmer also discussed the current use of this land. “That property is worth more to a good number of citizens…as green space.  Every single day I see people using that field.”

The School Board did bring up the idea of possibly selling the property located at 10th & Main to the City. This is the location of the old Eudora Middle School.  The building is falling into disrepair and is in need of demolition.  During the discussion, it was brought up that cost of demolition was estimated two years ago to be approximately $190,000. If the city would pursue interest in the 10th & Main property, who would be responsible for demolition would need to be negotiated.

It remains to be seen what the city will do next. Options could include looking at the old Eudora Middle school property or continue searching for another location. We will keep you up to date and informed about any future decisions.

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2 Responses to School District to hang on to Kerr Field

  • Typical Eudora fashion. Tear a good building down. If the schoold district or the city would have maintained the old Jr. High/ high School building it wouldnt need to be torn down. Just like the old high school building. LACK OF MAINTANCE is what Eudora is good at. Thats the only reason it was torn down. Typical eudora b.s. Just look at 20th street. LACK OF MAINTANCE has led to how it is today.

  • I agree with L.B.J.
    “The building is falling into disrepair and is in need of demolition.” WHY?
    Downtown Eudora is dying. I think it would be great if Eudora leaders promoted downtown by using the old Middle School to be a vocal point to be a reason for people to come downtown. This building is large enough to house City offices including Police and Fire. There are other organizations that need a place to meet such as The Boy Scouts, Historical Society, 4-H Club. I am sure there are many future thinking individuals that have a lot more possibilities for this good old building. If business (including City offices)continually move to the South side of town eventually the downtown area will be empty.

    Using infrastructure without maintenance until they are beyond repair seems to be what Eudora’s leaders are good at doing. IT IS TIME TO CHANGE!