As with most school districts in Kansas, The Eudora School District continues to face budgetary problems. Eudora Schools could be facing another round of budget cuts come this spring, as they prepare for the 2011-2012 school year.  Multiple reasons factor into these possible cuts.

The main issue is by building the Elementary School, the Eudora School District receives state aid called New Facilities Funding. As described  by Kristin Magette, Director of Communications, this funding helps bridge the gap when a new student facility is built. This funding lasts two years and the Eudora School District is in its second year of that funding. “The money from this funding is close to $1 million dollars and at the end of the current school year, that money goes away” Magette said.

Magette went on to say that possible change of the state’s school finance formulas, may also play a part in having to reduce costs for the coming school year.

A lawsuit by Schools for Fair Funding, a group of approximately 70 school districts in Kansas, is expected to filed sometime in October challenging the current financing formulas and attempt to reinstate Kansas Supreme Court ordered funding requirements.  Many of those requirements have been unfulfilled when the State of Kansas cut  over $300 million due to the state’s budgetary crisis of the last two years.  While the outcome of a lawsuit would affect all Kansas school districts, The Eudora School District is currently not part of this coalition.

A Community forum will be held to discuss the future budget issues of the Eudora School District with parents, staff and the public at large at 7:00PM on Tuesday, October 12. This forum will be held at the Eudora Elementary School in the Commons area. Don Grosdidier, Superintendent  of Schools, members of the Board of Education and District Administration staff will be hand on to answer questions and describe what the future may hold for the School Districts budget.

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