Snowfall measure(Photo submitted by Rachel Fulks)

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While the kids may have enjoyed having all the snow days off from school in January and February this year, the old saying of what goes around, comes around.  At the School Board meeting on Tuesday night, District officials were forced to add days to the end of the school calendar to make up for days missed due to snow and cold this winter.

According to the School District website, it states why the school year will be extended.

“The state requires that school districts maintain a certain number of hours in the school year. The district had figured in approximately two days in the original calendar, but this winter’s repeatedly dangerous weather quickly outpaced the budgeted days.”

The district also stated that they will use approximately two days of forgiveness from the state, available for districts that designate inclement weather days.

As of now, The last day for Seniors will be extended one day to May 13.  All other students will have to attend on May 15 and May 16.  The teachers workdays will be May 19 and 20 and there will be no teacher inservice full day in May.  The website also states that the early release day scheduled for May 14 will remain as scheduled.

A footnote at the bottom of the District news release states that parents with extenuating circumstances created by the changes should contact the principal of their child’s school.

It could be worse, I remember when I was in school, we were lucky to be done by Memorial Day and usually were not. And yes, I walked uphill both ways to and from school… the snow…….

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