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Election Day in Eudora could get a bit interesting. The ballots printed for Eudora say to Vote for THREE(3) or FEWER for the School Board.  The ballot should read Vote for FOUR(4) or FEWER for the School Board.  On the City Commission column, the wording of vote for three or fewer is correct.

According to Douglas County Clerk Jamie Shew, he says they found out this morning.

“The printing mistake wasn’t caught until we opened up the boxes early this morning before the polls opened,” Shew said. “Workers corrected the ballots and they are instructing voters that they can mark up to four for School Board.”

Several midday voters have confirmed that this is occurring at the various polling locations.  We asked Shew about those who voted in advance with incorrect ballots. He told us that there was 28 voters who cast ballots prior to election day.  He stated that all tabulation machines were programmed to accept up to four votes for School Board.  Shew added that the office will be looking into why the ballots were incorrect.

“We haven’t gotten to the bottom of how it happened yet,” Shew said.

What will happen in regards to this could be something to watch. If a candidate for School Board wanted to contest the election, they could use this error as grounds to do so.  A candidate could call into question the 28 advanced votes and possibly election day ballots as well.  While 28 ballots is not a large number, in a smaller election with a very light turnout expected, 28 could mean the difference between 4th place (and a seat on the Board) and 5th place (watching from the cheap seats). In both the 2011 and 2013 School Board races, 42 votes separated the candidates from winning and losing. In those same two elections for the City Commission, the races were decided by 22 or less votes.

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