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With the upcoming elections for City Commission and School Board, we wanted to take time to highlight each candidate in the race.

All candidates were sent a questionnaire to fill out and respond to and stated that their responses to those questions will be presented as sent to us with no editing.

Today, we feature School Board Candidate Lynn Reazin.

Please tell about your background and qualifications for a position on the School Board.  

My name is Lynn Reazin and I have lived in Eudora for the last 18 years.  My husband, Tim, and I have four children.  They have been in the Eudora school system since 2007.  I have volunteered for the Eudora Elementary PTO for five years.  I also served on the Eudora School Foundation for four years.  I know the strong impact of education through my own advancement thanks to my college education at Bethany College, Lindsborg, KS as well as my MBA from the University of Kansas.

I am currently employed full-time at UMB bank in Kansas City as a Vice-President in the project management office.  My job is centered around using approved funds to generate outcomes that align with expectations and manage risks.  Each day I help assimilate information to make decisions and work with teams to garner support.

The most important issue facing the school board is funding. Tell us how you would decide on any budget cuts that may need to be made now and in the coming year.

There will always be an impact to any cut.  My job is to carefully evaluate the impact of any decision.  As a school board member I am dedicated to analyzing information provided, gather additional information if needed, as well as listen to concerns from the parents, teachers and administrators.   I want to carefully understand the number of students impacted as well as the long-term educational impacts.

Do you support raising the local mill rate to cover any under funding by the state and why or why not?

Raising the mill rate would help the school budget but also I don’t want to tax citizens out of Eudora.   The rates should reflect the joint goal of providing superior education while still retaining the ability of citizens to find affordable housing in Eudora.  This is not one of the first options that should be evaluated but I am assuming it might become an option we evaluate.

The State Board of Education has adopted and begun implementation of the Common Core Standards in school districts through the state. What is your position on the Common Core Standards and if they were to become optional, would you support keeping or removing them from the curriculum in the Eudora School District?

Eudora has excelled at core standard scores but I would contribute that to our exceptional educators rather than imposed standards.  I am open to this conversation and look forward to hearing from both sides of the position before rendering an opinion.

What other issues do you see as important decisions the School Board will face in the near future?

We need to continue encouraging promotion from within for teachers.  This is not only a great motivation for aspiring educators but also an opportunity to secure quality coaching for those interested in areas beyond academics.

It is also critical to offer quality continuing education for teachers.  They have one of the toughest jobs and great continuing education can be another motivator as it reaps large rewards for our students.

The school board and district also need to work with our state and local partners.  The entire community benefited from these endeavors such as the sunflower trails, parks and recreation agreements, EASBA, and after school programs.

We are very fortunate that our community fills in any gaps that may occur at the school.  For example, the elementary PTO has helped secure books for the library, provided playground equipment, and helped with the initial funding for the arts program.  Eudora is a special city when everyone figures out how to pitch in for our kids.

Why do you want to sit on the School Board?

Part of community involvement is helping out where you can.  I believe I would be an asset to the school board and I am happy to serve our community.  I am vested in long term decisions (I will have a child in the district until 2030!) so will carefully consider every decision that the school board needs to make.


The City elections will be held on Tuesday, April 7. Polls will be open from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Voters can vote early by mail or by going to the Douglas County Courthouse.  For more information on advance voting, you can visit the Douglas County Elections website:

Three of the five candidates running for the City Commission will be selected. On the School Board, six candidates are vying for four seats.

We will have more in depth information about polling places as we near Election Day. The remaining candidates will be profiled over the next few days.

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