Mayor Ruth HughsEudora Mayor Ruth Hughs moments after she was voted in as Mayor by the City Commission (photo by Managing Editor John Schulz)

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With a rather quick and simple vote, Ruth Hughs was elected by the new City Commission as Mayor of the City of Eudora.  Hughs becomes the 48th Mayor of Eudora and the very first woman to hold the office in the city’s history.

While the exact length of her term was not stated nor decided upon, traditionally in the Commission-Manager form of government, the Mayor serves for one year as Mayor.

With some surprise, there was no discussion on how to choose a Mayor.  In the weeks leading up to tonight’s City Commission meeting, the Commissioners had all stated individually that they had no idea how the decision would be made. It was expected that some sort of formula based on election results would be at least discussed.  That discussion never happened.

Reazin-BornCommissioners Tim Reazin and Jolene Born take the oath of office during the Eudora City Commission meeting Monday night (photo by Managing Editor John Schulz)

The process began with the inauguration of incumbent Tim Reazin and new Commissioner Jolene Born. At that point, Mayor Hopson and Commissioner Bill Whitten left the dais as their terms came to a close with a thunderous applause from the audience.  Born and Reazin took their seats and Hughs ran the meeting from that point as she was the President of the Commission.

Hughs’ first order of business was to have the Commission select a Mayor. Hughs said she would like to have a discussion and then entertain a motion. Hughs barely got the words out of her mouth when Commissioner Kenny Massey spoke up.

“My discussion is that I make a motion that we elect Ruth Hughs as Mayor,” Massey said.

With an even faster speed then Clark Kent changing into his Superman outfit,  Reazin seconded the motion and the entire Commission voted in favor of Hughs. It took exactly 32 seconds (yes, we timed it) from the beginning of Hughs request for a discussion on the topic to Hughs being voted in as Mayor. (18 seconds of that was Hughs asking for a discussion on the matter.)

Vice Mayor John FioreVice Mayor John Fiore looks on as the Commission nominates him for the position (photo by Managing Editor John Schulz)

Next in the process was to select a Vice-Mayor.  Massey spoke up again and nominated Commissioner John Fiore to serve as the first Vice-Mayor in the city’s history.

“I think with John’s experience with the Chamber of Commerce and other activities he has been involved within the community, he would be an excellent choice.  I will make a motion to nominate John Fiore as Vice-Mayor,” Massey said.

The Vice-Mayor nomination had a much longer discussion. This one took the Commission 44 seconds to handle.  Fiore’s nomination also passed unanimously.

“I’m honored for the opportunity to serve as the first female Mayor in the City of Eudora,” Hughs said following the meeting. “I look forward to working steadfastly to continue the momentum we have in place and I look forward to Eudora becoming the very best city we can be.”

Fiore also was humble in his nomination as Vice-Mayor.

“I appreciate the great confidence the Commission has in me,” Fiore said. “This truly is a great honor to serve our city.”

Commissioner Bill Whitten left immediately after the swearing in ceremony was complete. He made reference how he had his coveralls in the truck along with his ATV and was planning on going mushroom hunting following the ceremony.  We think he was looking forward to retirement.

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