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The Mother Road doesn’t pass through Eudora, but we do have some road news in our area to pass along.  Today we range from local to regional to state news.

For those that drive Birch Street between 10th and 8th Street in Eudora, make sure to slow down. The Eudora City Council approved a measure last week to reduce the speed limit from 30 m.p.h down to 20 m.p.h.  This was done at the request of Holy Family Catholic Church which is located in the 800 block of Birch Street.

Fr. Pat Riley approached the Eudora Police Department with the request because of several incidents where cars traveling at or above the speed limit, narrowly missed hitting both adults and children as they were going to or from their cars at church events.  The signs were posted and marked with temporary flags last week.

In road construction news, Douglas Country Road 442 , also known as old K-10, was closed on Monday from the Wakarusa Bridge just west of Eudora to the Lawrence City limit (1/2 mile east of Noria Road) to all traffic to overlay the pavement. Motorists are encouraged to use K-10 during the “pavement rehabilitation” project. The road is expected to be completed by July 30, weather permitting.

Finally, in highway related news, The State Legislature, during this years session, passed a measure to increase speeds on some Kansas highways from 70 m.p.h. to 75 m.p.h.  Today, the Kansas Department of Transportation announced that the all interstates in Kansas would have their speed limit increased effective July 1.  This includes the Kansas Turnpike.  The only exceptions will be in the immediate areas of Kansas City and Topeka where the speed limits will remain as currently posted.

I-435 in the Kansas City metro area and K-10 will NOT have any increases in the speed limit.

US 69 from just north of Fort Scott to the 199th Street interchange near Spring Hill will be increased as will US 81 near Salina from I-70 north to K-106.

“These routes were selected by a task force made up of KDOT representatives and the Kansas Highway Patrol. The Kansas Turnpike Authority has also approved the speed limit changes,” said Chris Herrick, director of KDOT’s Division of Planning and Development.

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2 Responses to Road News

  • Probable cause for increased speed and traffic on Birch St, with Maple St soon to follow, is the no U turn sign at the top of Main St. How many accidents were caused by the locals making U turns at the top of Main St? Is that the reason for no more U turns. Seems like a waste of time and gas to get to South bound Main St, and an increased hazzard to people and pets with car traffic forced onto the side streets.

  • I have to agree.Traffic has to go somewhere. Doing away with the u-turns was a dumb idea. But, you can still make a u-turn if your vehicle will turn sharp enough to keep from hitting the new curbs. Eudora seems to do everything it can to “bottle neck” traffic. Just look at all the un-nessacary stop signs Eudora has and all the slow speed limits. There is no need for Church street south of 14th street to be 30mph 24 hours a day 365 days a year. I could easily be 40 or 45. Same with 10th street east of town. And why is there a 3 way stop on Winchester Rd at 12th street?