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We have been asked recently by a few avid readers if those big green recycling bins that were located at 9th & Main, next to the Old Middle School, would be returning to the site. The recycling bins were part of the School District recycling program operated by Deffenbaugh Industries. The School District uses the money collected from the proceeds of the recycling bins, to fund various award programs at the schools.

Earlier this year, the Eudora School District ended its recycling partnership with Defenbaugh Industries and began a similar partnership with Honey Creek Disposal.  This coincided with Honey Creek Disposal entering into an agreement with the City of Eudora to offer curbside recycling starting in April.  With the conclusion of the Deffenbaugh program, these bins were removed from the Old Middle School property.

With the forthcoming demolition of the Old Middle School later this summer, city and school district officials requested that no new bins be placed at 9th & Main.

Recycling bins are located at all three of the schools and by the entrance to the Water Treatment Facility located just north of downtown next to the railroad tracks.  All four of these locations can be used by the public to drop of approved recyclable materials.

For those that prefer to utilize curbside recycling as opposed to dropping it off yourself, you have two options including Honey Creek Disposal and Curbcheck Recycling operated by  Stephanie Pascua.  Curbcheck Recycling is one of the sponsors of


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