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The recycling bins located near the City Water Plant just north of downtown, have seem to become somewhat of a dumping ground of late.

“We’ve been getting mattresses and sofas dumped off down here almost every week,” Public Works Director Mike Hutto said. “it’s becoming really bad and that’s not what these bins are designed for.”

Hutto stated that while the city wants to help out with having the recycling containers near downtown, they may have to seriously look at eliminating them if the illegal dumping continues.

“It costs us, the City and ultimately the taxpayers, to have this stuff removed,” Hutto added.

Citizens are urged to report to police people dumping materials such as sofas and mattresses at the location.

The recycling containers that are located at the water plant and at all the Eudora Schools currently are suitable for cardboard, chipboard (for example: cereal boxes or cracker boxes),  rigid plastics, newspaper, office paper, magazines, phone books, tin cans and aluminum. Glass, Styrofoam, and PVC would not by allowed under the program.  Any other items dropped off at the site could be considered illegal dumping.  The proceeds that Honey Creek Disposal receives from the recycling put in the containers is donated to the Eudora School District.

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One Response to Recycling bins by water plant becoming a sore spot

  • Perhaps a camera would help to rectify the problem. I would hate to see this area shut down for all the people who use it properly because of a few idiots who think it’s an easy way to get rid of trash. Put it on the curb the first trash day of the month. Let’s get a clue people.