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We have had several people asking us about recent power outages that have occurred in the city. The two most recent examples were this weekend when the power went out briefly on both Saturday and Sunday morning rendering the city without electricity for a few seconds. While the outages were only seconds, it was just long enough to reset alarm clocks, computers and many electrical appliances.

According to Mike Hutto, Public Works Director for the City of Eudora, the outages were due to Westar Energy who provides electricity to the city.

“They (Westar) had a problem at the substation on 87th Street that caused the outages this weekend,” Hutto said.  Eudora’s power is fed through a substation located on Mize Road at approximately 87th Street, just west of K-7 in Lenexa.

Hutto went on to add that he receives an email from Westar anytime there is an outage and the cause listed on both in both emails the weekend was “unknown”.  When asked if Westar had any information about if the problem was solved or would continue, he said Westar had no definitive information about a resolution to the problem.

While the city bills for electrical service, they receive the power from Westar Energy through a contract with the city.

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