We have received some questions of late about the lack of stories on Eudorareporter.com.  We wanted to give you some quick explanation as to why and what you expect in the coming days and weeks.

Shortly after Christmas, we took a long deserved vacation to help recharge the batteries and get to some warm weather. We headed off towards the great state of Arizona.  What we didn’t expect along the way was some minor server issues and lack of a strong internet connections while we were in Arizona.  Some stories were supposed to be posted during the week that didn’t and while a smart phone is a wonderful tool, it’s very difficult to run an entire website via a phone.

We are in the process on catching up on 10 days worth of stories and while our year in review stories may be a little later than it should have been, we will get you caught up on everything that has been and is going on.  Hang in there for a couple of more days as we get through the deluge of mail, server issues and get everything up to date.

We will be providing full coverage on many stories to come in the weeks and months ahead and you will likely be flooded over the next few days with some backlogged material.

Thanks for your patience and keep checking back with Eudorareporter.com

– John Schulz


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