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 Could a Pedestrian Bridge be possible over K-10?

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The South Side of Eudora is going to see some changes in 2013.  This Spring, the city will construct a new park in the land just south of Eudora Middle School and north of the Shadow Ridge Housing Development.

The Eudora School District will lease the section of the land to the City for $1.00 per year (yes a single dollar).  The School District and the City approved the lease agreement for the land at their respective meetings in the last week to make the park possible.

The Parks and Rec Department will oversee construction and maintain Shadow Ridge Park.  The City plans on spending $150,000 to construct the park.  The city, to protect their investment, would be able to recover their original investment in the park (with a depreciation schedule) from the District if the District were to terminate the lease.

Also, the School District was awarded a Sunflower Foundation grant to install a walking trail from the Middle School to the High School. This walking trail will be 8 feet wide and allow both walkers and bike riders to share the path.  The City of Eudora worked to obtain a $25,000 grant from the Sunflower Foundation to help pay for the trail. According to city officials, the plan is to eventually extend the trail past the high school as more grant money becomes available.

Finally, and definitely the most ambitious project, is one where the city is seeking to build a pedestrian bridge across K-10.  The proposed bridge will start at the end of Elm Street on the north side of K-10 and terminate near Eudora Animal Hospital.

The cost of the bridge is approximately $1.8 million and the city is looking to obtain a grant from the KDOT  Transportation Enhancement Program to pay 80% of the costs.  The remaining 20% plus associated costs total nearly  $470,000, would be paid for by the City of Eudora.

Collin Bielser, Economic Development Director for the city and spearhead of the project, stated in multiple presentations to various groups, that there is no planned tax increase to fund the project.

The City is looking for support from the public to help secure the grant application.  There are three public forums planned to help educate the public about the proposed project and what citizens can do to help with obtaining the grant. Thursday evening at the Eudora High School Performing Arts Center, Bielser will be showing the presentation for all that are interested. The Second Forum will be on Thursday, January 24 in the Eudora Elementary School Library and the final presentation will be on Thursday, January 31 at Eudora City Hall.  All three presentations will begin at 7:00 PM.

You can go to the cities website HERE to find out more information about the project and fill out a brief survey that will help leaders urge KDOT to assist with the grant.  The website also has detailed information on how residents can write a letter in support of the grant application.

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7 Responses to Public spaces planned for south side of Eudora

  • Great news. The park will be a welcome addition to this side of town. Have they released any info on the size of the park or the amenities?

  • My .02 on this. If they are going to build a bridge for pedestrians across K-10 at the stated locations, then they need to have a walking path/street/sidewalk from 20th street by the Animal Hospital across the fields to the High School lot. Yes, this will involve paying the land owner what he/she is due for the space, but will also help alleviate traffic on Church St and the ONLY entrance to the high school. What is the purpose of the ped bridge if you then have no sidewalks anywhere near the high school??? Children, Walkers, joggers etc still then have to walk through the farmers field to access the school or along 20th street which has no sidewalks. I really think a look at the bigger picture is needed. All for it, but let’s look ahead!!!

    • To be fair and present all information, some of what you mentioned has been discussed. Currently, the city is looking into what options it has for the termination points of the bridge, particularly on the south side of K-10. It also is trying to figure out what to do in regards to such things as a walking path that would help students traverse the 20th Street corridor. A lot of that will take money and we refer back to the hope of more grant money to extend the walking trail past where it is currently planned. The city is looking at all the possibilities to see what it can do.

  • Very true about the need for a sidewalk along Church St. Without it, the bridge is practically worthless.

  • John,
    I did go to the city’s website which had some diagrams of hopeful sidewalks/trails, however that wasn’t until after I posted. It’s a start, however after dealing with the traffic signal snafu last week at 23rd and Church St…It continues with a Friday night decision to just turning it off for an indefinite time……
    I plan on attending one of the public meetings to voice my concerns there also. What would be helpful is to determine if there has ever been a $$ offer to the land owner (farm)and it was turned down or if the city has ever discussed Imminent Domain.

    I view the Church St/ E 2200 /1061 Road as a joint screw up between the City, County and School District. I don’t want to see a “Ped Bridge to No Where” except a dirt road and field. I would be more than happy to write a letter to the state on behalf of the grant if I know where and what the city/ school district has done so far about Church Street/E 2200/1061.

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

  • I’m all for the pedestrian bridge, but I’m afraid they would have to enclose it somehow to prevent items from being thrown over — which would be a serious hazard to anyone on K-10.

  • I don’t see any need to enclose it. Should we enclose the current bridge as well?