A new concept drawing of the Public Safety Building proposed for 10th & Main 

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In a surprising twist to the saga of where to build a new public safety building, the City Council gave the green light to begin planning for a public safety building to be located at 10th and Main Street.

The difference this time around in putting a new Police/Fire/EMS structure at the cornerstone of downtown is the look and cost of the building. The new proposal is a Butler style building that will have a brick and wainscoating facade.  The picture above is a sample and not intended to be the exact look of the final design.    The cost of the 16,670 square foot building is estimated to be approximately $2.47 million and would require a mill levy increase of 1.72 mills.  This is down from the 2.85 mills that was needed for the original proposal at 10th & Main.

To give some understanding to the cost of the 1.72 mill levy increase, a $150,000 house would have a tax increase of $29.67.  Under the old proposal, the rate increase would have been $49.

The original project was put to a halt back in March 2012 when the City Council made the decision that a 2.85 mill increase was too large of a burden to taxpayers. In the City Council discussions at that time, the Council agreed to look for an alternative location where the could put a less expensive building than the projected $4 million structure that was initially considered.

At Monday’s City Council meeting, Council members Bill Whitten and Ruth Hughs, who took on the task of attempting to  finding a new location, stated that they looked at various locations and talked to some landowners in Eudora since March. According to Whitten, no landowner was willing to sell their property to the city.  Whitten and Hughs did not state any specific names of landowners they contacted or what locations they were interested in.

The next step in this long process will be put the project to bid which, according to City Administrator John Harrenstein, should take about six weeks.

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16 Responses to Public Safety Building headed back to 10th & Main

  • What a crock of (Ed. Note: expletive deleted) !!!!!!
    Our city leaders are living in a dream world if they think this is something we need in Eudora and downtown.
    Look for property off the beaten path and the price is still too frikin high. WE DONT NEED IT !!! But if we are going to be forced to take it, at least do it to where we can live with the cost.
    People are not getting any more raises and money is as tight as it can get and our leaders want to spend more and more.
    This needs to go to a vote of the people, not a city leader pushed through deal. Bring it to a city wide vote !!!!!!
    This is the stuff that has led to Eudora being so broke and so backasswards.
    Why not fix our streets and get some new businesses in town, we just lost 3 more and 2 more going away in the next couple months.
    John ( city admin ) Get a grip man, your sinking our city.
    Either get it right or leave please !!!!!!!
    You are not looking out for the people, your favoring a few other leaders agendas and that is total BS man. Do what you are here to do, fix the city not bring it down. This will break us and you will be to blame.
    I have to say the city leaders we have now are By FAR the WORST EVER , at least in the last 50 years !!!!!!

  • I think the city should invest some money in street repairs. They had work done on my street and it is nothing but a dust bowl. the repairs that were done around the neighborhood are sinking and you have to go round them. Just seems to me it is a pretty bad way to fix them.

  • Seems like the city leaders are trying to reduce the burden of the tax-payer for this plan. Alternative sites were explored but to no avail. The cost of the current design is lower than the cost of the original design. It appears to me that the city leaders are taking to heart what this type of a project would mean for the citizens of Eudora.

    One fact remains…the city still needs this building. The current status of our fire department building is rated as poor. What does this say to prospective families and businesses, and current families and businesses if we settle for ‘poor’?

    $29.00 per month!

  • I for one am not surprised by the city council pulling an end around on the public safety building. I always enjoy the postings of the Businessman and more often than not agree with him. This time however i think it’s time to go one further. I have never voiced my opinions on this venue, but I have had enough. I believe it’s time for”We the people” John and Jane Q. Public to put our voting power to use.Perhaps it’s time to use our impeachment powers to remove or replace those who only want to see their names on a shiny plaque on a pretty new safety building. We have a nice little city that merely needs some TLC, not shiny new buildings to make everything else look shoddy. Try riding a bike or pushing a stroller down most of our sidewalks. Thats why people are always in the middle of our side streets. Not wanting to be a !$%#&, but enoughs enough….

  • I would think we have enough vacant schools that are not in that bad of shape that could be converted into something that may be of some use. Even if it were Eudora West this town is not that big where it would take that long to respond to an emergency.

  • To respond to those above. Eudora does need a new public safety building. The current building has such a poor safety rating that everyone’s home owner’s insurance rates will start to go up soon. Government buildings should be downtown. That is where they belong. Also – the city can’t simply use an ’empty’ school building. The city doesn’t own the school buildings. The Eudora School District owns the buildings. And the comment above would lead one to believe that West Elementary is empty. It isn’t. It currently has quite a portion of it leased to the Greenbush. Nottingham also has the Eudora Historical Society as well as the scouts. Anyone with the right $$ could purchase the entire Nottingham/Laws property for the right price.

  • Good idea Shotski.
    Raise it another mil for crap sake & hire full time, trained fire/ems personnel at a competitive rate. Who won’t pay an extra $20 to have their life/home saved if the need it.
    PS: the city needs to mow their lot. Pretty sure it exeeds the vegitation height limitations set by……the city.

  • So, the city spent 3 months looking for property other than the best damn commercial property in the whole damn town and now they want to use the best SELLABLE commercial property for city use as a non tax collecting uneeded city owned structure ?
    Whats wrong with spending another 6 months to a year looking ? Are they against saving money ?
    For less than $100.000 the city could build a metal building that could house an ambulance ( if desired ) and our fire trucks and equipment. As for housing a 42 – 7 staff, have them stay in a nearby duplex or rental home set up for unisex bathrooms and so on.
    If our fire and medical was moved out of the building on Maine St , the police dept would have tons of room, correct ?
    Eudora isnt nor will it ever be another Lawrence, or a big city, who thinks we need to have big city costly stuff ?
    We are not like Baldwin iether, they have Baker University paying buzzillions in tax revenues , we have no tax revenues coming in.
    Get a grip city leaders, we the people might just have to use our voting powers to remove a few bad seeds from the city leadership, ( we have the power ) .

    PS: If this was only going to cost every person in Eudora an extra $20.00 , which it will be 4 to 6 times that in the end , i ight be a bit more to like the idea, but even so, WHO can absorb another $20.00 payout now ? We are all going broke and more city cost adding up is not a fix …..

  • It seems that a lot of people do not understand who owns the buildings in town. It is those same people who yell the loudest on sites like this. You cannot just have the city over take a building that does not belong to them. It is the same people who do not seem to understand public service and how it works. Our city leaders do not just sit around thinking of ways to make our lives hard, this is why they got cheaper plans. Let’s stop worrying about hand outs for free buildings downtown, (you know which post you are) and worry about a fire department that meets standards to reach those in need. Let’s worry about our public safety. Unless you work or volunteer in those buildings…you cannot say how we do not need new ones!!

    I agree…..$29.00!!

  • Ok EudoraVotes, keep me out of this one!!! That post was my husband on this matter.. At least I have the brass to always include my name.. I always own up to anything I write. I am not asking for hand outs either. We should want to help people within our township, would not be a hand out for me. I dont ask for handouts, this is a tax deduction for someone who has had a bldg downtown for anywhere from 6 mos- over 2 years vacant. Why not use them to help out the community. ANd if you pay close attention I will pay rent and catch up as soon as I can.. You want to duke it out with me, you know my name and you can look up my number lets do this in person..

  • Firstly, please do not confuse my opinions with my wife’s and her desire to provide a service for those who may need it. Secondly, since I have your attention I too see that our community healty and safety should be first in our collective needs. However the way some things seem to be transpiring may be the cause for civic unrest. We live in a democratic society that gives us the rights to use our voices to address our concerns. If the issues at hand were put to a vote and the measures pass the issue would be solved post haste. We are a small community and a cost effective solution is certainly the seeming best solution. I laud the city council for trying to cut as much cost as possible to ease the tax burden on the public.It’s not always the issues that are the problem, it’s the way they are handled that cause the passions of the public to flare.Knowing and seeing the passions of the people rise is truly an inspiring item. May the city come to terms with a cost effective solution to this much needed improvement to our collective safety.

  • We need the new building. It needs to stay downtown, it should help downtown. I doubt most of you would post these things under your real names. The people running city council are our friends and neighbors, they live here in town. When you are slinging mud, consider who it hits. I vote in every election, if you don’t like your leaders, vote next election.

  • The city does not need a new Fire Safety Building !!!!!!
    This is a total waste of money and it is only happening to make someones day.
    Has a home been lost to a fire in Eudora in the last 5 years ??? NOT none nada.
    The system we have works quite well, why fix what doesn`t need fixing ???Just because someone wants to be known as the one who changed Eudora wants it, who cares, its not needed.
    As for if it was needed, it doesnt need to be downtown on the best property avl for a retail store, that is pure stupidity at its finest !!!!!
    A big retraunt or store would kick butt on that corner.
    I am getting the ball rolling on getting our leadership changed.This city admin and a few of our council members need to go. I will start the wheels in motion next week.

  • How much money was invested a few years ago into the current fire station? Does Eudora City fire dept have a full time chieff? NO! The fill in chief is the chief at Wakarusa and usually is at their station in Lawrence. So, why not fix the biggest problem first? Then look at getting a new building. I also agree, FIX THE STREETS !! The Eudora city crew SUCKS! Lets maintain the streets that we have before spending more mega dollars for another building that we dont need. And, the city might as well owne the schools. The school district doesnt take care of what they have and end up selling the buildings and ground to the city for pennies on the dollar. What a joke Eudora has become!

  • The thing that is so upsetting to me is HOW can this city just keep spending!!!??? It is never “just good” enough. Why can’t the present fire/police building be fixed if it is such bad shape. This city including the school board always have to have the best. We have two schools sitting empty–as far as housing students because we HAD to have a newer and bigger school that by the way we are paying for FOREVER! Now they want a mill increase that we will be paying FOREVER! Have you all looked really looked at your tax bills. I have mine in front of me, I can see the changes and this city wants to add ANOTHER 29.00 to it FOREVER! Come on people open your eyes and see we don’t need this. I have lived here going on 60 years and have never seen it in such a mess. Have you just took a drive around town and seen all the empty houses and most of them are foreclosed on because people had hard time and things just kept going up like our taxes. The streets are in shambles! Have you been on the south part of town where they tore up the strets last year? Come and take a look at what we have to live with everyday. You think we need a new police building…. I go to work very early in the morning and I almost always see two cop cars parked at c&s or the old Nottingham lot just chatting away….real busy. I just hope some how this will be put to a vote and we can get people out to vote it down! THINK PEOPLE!!!!

  • Shilo…. You said a MOUTHFUl, forever is a long long time. Also, mentioning hoping to put this to vote… We hope so too. And, to be able to get people out to vote, that could be a problem. we just had the branding open forum and only a handful showed up, this is terrible when it comes to important issues such as increases and branding ( and I happen to know that hiring a marketing agency cost the big buckaroos!). Cant complain when you dont show up and put in your opinion and vote too… Oh, it is the real Christine Zimmer too. Not commenting on the building. I for one never went to the city hall before because I could not hear (deaf), but just got a new aide and hearing a bit better. Will always have my lil one in tow but will start going to more meetings, because I LOVE to put my 2 cents worth in.. I LOVE EUDORA and Oh, FYI I run the clothing closet from my home and dont care if I ever get a building…. Would be nice, yes, but I am so not a beggar. Lived in grandview for 17yrs and was treated like a DOG, so just tired of folks putting words in my mouth. I can speak for myself…. I also dont hide behind a little cutesie name… I am listed in the book if you want to call me too, have had the same # for 20 years…