Looks like your property taxes might be on the rise.

At the City Council meeting on Monday, the City Council approved a budget to publish to various media outlets.   This budget includes a proposed 4 mil levy increase for 2011.  One mil equals $1 on every $1000 of assessed value.  So, for example, a house valued at $150,000 would see a rate increase of $600. $69.  This is not a finalized budget yet and the proposed mil levy increase could be less.   The reason for such a large increase is a the City is proposing to build a new Police and Fire Station for the City of Eudora.

A budget session,  while open to the public, but not allowing for public comment, will be held on Tuesday August, 17th at 5PM. All citizens are encouraged to attend this meeting.

The city budget will be discussed at the next City Council meeting on Monday, August 23rd at 6:00PM.  Public comment on the budget will be accepted at that meeting.

As soon as we can get a hold of the budget, we will make sure to post it on this site.

Correction: Our calculation for this story was in error. A 4 mill levy increase on a home valued at $150,000 would by $69 not $600. We regret and apologize for the error.


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