Candidates for the 42nd Kansas House District (l-r)Rep. Connie O’Brien (R-Tonganoxie), Sandra Bohne (R-Leavenworth) and Harold D. Fevurly Jr. (D-Leavenworth)

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Redistricting in the state of Kansas has caused a major upheaval for not only many towns like Eudora which finds itself in a new House District come 2013, but for the candidates and who is making a run for the State House. Last week we talked about the 3rd District in the Senate and the three candidates there.  Today, we move to the House.

Eudora has been added to the 42nd House District. Previously, this district ended north of Eudora at the Leavenworth County line. Eudora was in the 38th District.  The 42nd covers a large section of the northern and western portions of Leavenworth County and now, the northeast section of Douglas County.

As with the Senate race in the 3rd District, A GOP primary will take place on August 7.  Gunning for the GOP nomination are two term incumbent from the 42nd District Connie O’Brien of Tonganoxie and Sandra Bohne who is a resident of rural Leavenworth.  The winner of the primary will take on Harold Fevurly Jr., also of the Leavenworth area.

O’Brien, who has served in the House since ’09, spent much of her time being a mother and an Educator. O’Brien spent many years teaching at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.  O’Brien later on obtained her B.A. in Secondary education in 1996 and taught in the Basehor-Linwood, Leavenworth and Mclouth Districts.

O’Brien said that there were some things she wanted to get done in the State House that have not yet been completed.

“We need to look at tax cuts, KPERS funding and education financing,” O’Brien stated. “Since I sit on the Veterans and Military/Homeland Security committees, we also need to help those soldiers coming home.”

Bohne, while not having State House experience, is no stranger to politics. Bohne ran for the 40th District in 2010 and lost to Democratic Incumbent Melanie Meier by less than 50 votes. Bohne also has served as an educator as a substitute teacher since 2004.  Bohne has spent her life as “The volunteer lady” (Bohne’s description) and as a homemaker.

“I’ve always jumped in whenever the opportunity presented itself.” Bohne said. “I love politics and campaigning.  I’m not afraid to to talk to people and I put my mind, heart and energy into whatever I do.”

Both candidates say they have similar ideas as their opponent.

“Connie is a little more conservative and I’m a little more moderate,” Bohne told us.

Fevurly, the lone democrat in the race is no stranger to Bohne. Fevurly currently serves on the Board of Education for the Easton School District. Also serving as an Easton Board member, is Bohne’s husband Bill. Fevurly has been the lead negotiator for the Board in the teacher contract talks the last two years. Fevurly has worked for the Kansas Correctional Industries, a state agency, for 28 years. Fevurly also is a farmer.

One of Fevurly’s main concerns is education funding in the state. As a School District board member, he has seen how funding cuts have made an impact on his district.

The Republican candidates will square off in August 7 with the winner of that race facing Fevurly in the November General Election.

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