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A large section of Eudora was without power for nearly three hours this morning. Citizens started reporting the outage around 8:00 AM.  Shortly before 11:00 AM Public Works Director Mike Hutto reported that all power had been restored.

“The original report was a three phase line being down,” Hutto told us.  “We kept searching for the downed line but could not locate it above ground.  We were beginning an underground search when we discovered that we had a blown arrestor and fuse over on 14th Street.”

According to Hutto, everything south of 10th Street/Old K-10 and east of Church Street lost power in the outage.  It extended all the way south past the Meadowlark and Shadow Ridge subdivisions on the south side of town.

“Thanks the the efforts to all the Public Works employees in Eudora and some great help from Baldwin City who came to our assistance, we were able to locate the outage and get it fixed as quickly as possible.”

Hutto said the reason for the problem on 14th Street was unknown at this time, but he suspected a squirrel may have caused the arrestor to short out.


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