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Several residents who live on the east and south side of Eudora have reported brief power outages on Friday morning. Many described the problem as quick power flickers.

According to Public Works Director Mike Hutto the outages are due to a fault on an underground power line in the East Hills Business Park.

“We are isolating (the problem) from the junction box to determine where the fault is,” Hutto said.  “As we try to isolate it,  we have to re-energize the line, which causes the sub station to see a fault and blink then reset.”

Hutto states that the Business Park is without power at press/post time.

“We only have two junction boxes left to isolate so we and getting close to narrowing down the problem so hopefully we will only have one more blink,” Hutto told us. There was no estimate of how soon power would be restored to the Business Park or how many brief outages would be necessary.

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