Most of us buy our power for our homes from the City of Eudora. The city does not have a power plant sitting around in town, they buy their power from Westar Energy. Westar Energy has proposed a 30 percent increase in electrical rates for the city next year. Ouch! That’s a shocker. (Pun intended). The city will have no choice but to pass those rate increases along to you and me.  If we have another summer like this one, that can add up to a lot of additional costs for us.  Thankfully, the City Council is looking at possible alternatives in an attempt to try to control those costs.

The city has contracted with Salvo & Associates to do a study and obtain RFP’s (request for proposal) from companies that could be used as “partial suppliers”. The money for this study will come from the electrical reserve fund the city has to cover emergency  and critical situations that come up. Councilman Bill Whitten stated in the August 9th Council meeting, “I think this constitutes an emergency”.

A partial supplier would allow the city to get additional power at hopefully a cheaper rate than the proposed increase from Westar Energy.  Westar Energy would still be the main supplier of power.  The contract with Westar Energy runs through 2013.  By using a partial supplier the city would still be able to fulfill their contract with Westar Energy and hopefully save us from a 30 percent increase in rates.

We will follow this story and report on what happens once the council makes a decision as to what alternatives may be available. Thanks to the city council for watching out for our pocketbooks on this one.

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