For the last few weeks, we have been running a poll on our site about who Republicans would vote for in the primary for the 42nd House District and the 3rd Senate District. While our polls are not scientific and are based upon people clicking and voting only, our results in the past have been close to the actual results.

In our poll for the 42nd House District, Representative Connie O’Brien had a 2-1 advantage over challenger Sandra Bohne.  O’Brien pulled 58% of the vote while Bohne garnered 27%. There were 13% undecided.

For the House race, local Representative Anthony Brown also garnered 58% while J.C. Tellefson pulled in 32%.  There was only 8% in the undecided category.

The only poll that matters, Aug. 7th in the voting booth, will determine the outcome.   Polling places open at 7:00AM Tuesday.

(Editor Comment: Typically in a primary election, voter turnout is small.  We urge all voters, Democrat, Republican or Independent to exercise their Constitutional right on Tuesday to get out and vote. In smaller elections, 20 to 30 votes can make the difference in the outcome. Your opinion does count.)

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