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Douglas County prosecutors confirmed Friday morning that Eudora police have arrested three people in connection with the recent vandalism that damaged the new Eudora District Stadium.

District Attorney Charles Branson said one adult suspect, an 18-year-old Eudora man, posted bond and was released from jail Thursday night and two other juvenile suspects were arrested and later released from custody.

“We are awaiting additional information from the Eudora Police Department before charges are filed,” Branson said.

Eudora police said earlier this week they were investigating vandalism at the stadium that opened last fall on the Eudora High School campus, 2203 Church St. Voters approved a 2007 bond issue to fund the near $2 million stadium.

Police and school officials said suspects late last week spray-painted the Cardinal mascot head on the new field’s artificial surface and a portion of the track, causing at least $25,000 in damage.

According to Douglas County Jail records, an 18-year-old Eudora man was arrested at the Eudora police department on suspicion of criminal damage to property greater than $25,000. He posted $2,500 bond through a bondsman and was given notice to appear in court July 28. Prosecutors could file formal charges before then.

Eudora police Friday morning said supervisors authorized to speak about the investigation would not be available Friday, and Kristin Magette, a Eudora schools spokeswoman, said the district and police department were planning a joint news release for Monday.

Once the damage was reported last week, Eudora school district closed the stadium, pending repairs and additional security measures.

Magette said Superintendent Don Grosdidier told school board members Thursday evening that the district has received a preliminary estimate of $130,000 from a contractor for the repairs to the turf and track. The estimate included a full resealing of the track — not just the portion that was damaged — for appearance of uniformity, she said.

“Those are really preliminary estimates,” Magette said. “At this point they’re exploring a lot of options.”

She said the district does have insurance so likely not all costs would be an out-of-pocket expense. District officials have said they expect to seek damages from anyone prosecuted for the vandalism.

Grosdidier also told board members Thursday the district planned to use the stadium this fall for football and soccer games, even if that means coming up with a short-term solution, Magette said.

“It demonstrates in my mind the magnitude of what’s been done,” she said. “It quantifies exactly how extreme of a situation that we’re in. This isn’t something that you simply buy paint for or buff it out. This is significant.”

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3 Responses to Police arrests suspects in stadium vandalism

  • I would be more than happy to remove paint on the track for half of the $130,000. While it is a shame to hear about the idiots who did this, that is a lot of money.

  • Being one was 18 years of age, it would be safe to assume that the others were old enough to be charged as adults. Here is what they can expect for a night of what they think is fun:

    Criminal Damage to Property – Penalties in Kansas

    If the value is greater than $25,000, you face a severity level 7 nonperson felony punishable by 11 to 13 years in prison as long as you have no criminal record.

  • It will take a long long time for those fellers to pay back $130,000.00 and another $25,000.00 . Might have to go after the parents of the minors and get some money. Kansas law states parents can be made to reimburse cost of damages caused by there offspring.
    Good job to the Eudora PD for catching the bugers. Thank you.