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We wanted to share some photos from Winter Storm Q.  Several readers of have submitted photographs to us and we appreciate their sharing them.

Snowfall measureWe wont say it’s officially what we got, but here’s one measurement near 14th Court and Hickory Street (Photo submitted by Rachel Fulks)

Alex BrownAlex Brown, 13, gets his daily aerobic exercise (Photo submitted by Susie Brown)


Sycamore StreetAbove is a shot from the 1500 block of Sycamore Street around 11:00 AM (photo courtesy Sandy Clark)

Snow PlowWe don’t have an exact location but believe it to be on the south side of town.  (Photo submitted by Jolene Born)

MeadowlarkMeadowlark subdivision around 8:00 AM (Photo by photojournalist Julie Stewart)

Chair on PorchNot the best day to go sunbathing… (Photo by photojournalist Julie Stewart)

Greenway Apartment ComplexThe Greenway Apartment complex sometime this morning (Photo submitted by Brett Brouhard)

SnowwalkerLooks like the Eudora Police have a new weapon in their arsenal……don’t mess with the cops…(Obvious photoshop from an unknown Facebook source) photos:

13thSt_8AMHere’s what it looked like at 8:00 AM on 13th Street

13thSt_9AMAn Hour later around 9:00 AM it got to looking this (and the snow was really coming down)

13thSt_10AMAt 10:00 AM it was up to this…(We took the chance that we wouldn’t get hit by traffic while standing out in the street taking the picture…note the sarcasm there)

Back door in SnowHere’s a shot looking north from 13th Street

Old Glory in SnowFinally, Old Glory flies proudly despite heavy snow coming down

If you have some pictures you wish to share, please email them to:


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