Tree_in_SnowA river Birch tree begins to collect snow early on Tuesday morning (photo courtesy Don Barta)

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Well, it looks like the snow has cleared out finally.  While accumulation totals have not yet been released, I know my driveway got a good 12 inches and my back feels like it was closer to 24. The only thing that saved me is a handy dandy snow blower. Whoever came up with the idea of the snow blower should be crowned king or queen, but I digress….

We wanted to share some pictures with you of Snowmageddon 2014 that readers sent us on Tuesday.

Alexander TempletonWhat is more adorable than kids in snow. Alexander Templeton was out doing what every young boy loves to do, catch snowflakes on your tongue. Photo courtesy Alexis Templeton.

Chillin_Grillin_in_snowRandy Faircloth was doing what every American male does in a snow storm….burn meat…..(photo courtesy April Faircloth)

Amelia GurneyAmelia Gurney looked like she wasn’t so sure about all this snow stuff coming down. Photo courtesy Jessica Gurney.

hearse in snowThis one was kind of sad but it drove home how poignant life can be sometimes. A hearse from Warren-McElwain Mortuary sits outside  First United Methodist Church in Lawrence today waiting to carry out it’s honored task. Photo courtesy of Audrey Bell.

Transformer_in_snowArtimus Prime made a visit to Eudora today as well. Sadly he didn’t transform into a beach with 80 degree weather……Photo courtesy Libby Eddings.


Kids weren’t the only ones outside having fun today.  Skip the wonder dog looked content but was likely ready to come back inside after being covered in the quick falling snow. Photo courtesy Keith Nowland.

While the snow may be over for now, cold temperatures are about to set in and weather forecasters are saying there is a chance for more snow on Saturday.


Photo courtesy many users on Facebook.  Anyone have a recipe for Groundhog stew?

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