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Penny Annie’s Sweet Shoppe at 704 Main Street in downtown Eudora has closed its doors for good.

“It was a combination of things,” owner Monica Istas told us. “I’ve got some health issues, some personal issues and most importantly the health inspections were just way too much. I had to start thinking about myself.”

Istas described a recent health inspection by Douglas County officials where they identified a mouse problem in the store.

“I saw no evidence of any mouse problem, but I immediately got on the phone even before the health inspector left to get someone out here to take care of the issue,” Istas said. “The exterminator came out and did a complete and thorough check of the building and he couldn’t find any mouse problem either.”

Istas said that the inspector returned after the exterminator visit and, while they satisfied that any type of mouse issue was resolved, Istas was convinced that they were going to document other possible violations.

“It was at that moment that I said, ‘You know what, I’m just done.’ With everything else I have going on, it’s not worth the battle.”

Istas has struggled to keep the doors of the business open.  Penny Annie’s was originally slated to open in summer 2011, but was delayed for several months trying to satisfy demands of the health inspector.  The business finally opened in late 2011 after moving to Eudora from Lawrence and had only moderate success during its days in Eudora.

“We never were able to get the customer numbers we needed,” Istas said. “I saw a lot of people from Lawrence who were customers there. Most of the customers we had were from out of town.”

Istas said that the shop officially closed at the end of February and that an auction would be taking place in the near future to sell off the equipment and antique items in the store.  Istas added that Rebel Roxie Rose would be offering a few of the shop items at their online site as well.  Penny Annie’s was known for the antique wood shelves, counters and many antique items in the store.

“It will be sad to see it go, but at the same time it will be a relief.”

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9 Responses to Penny Annie’s closes its doors

  • Sorry to see another shop/business leave downtown Eudora. I’m sure it can get very overwhelming with everything going on. Sorry to see you leave. Best of luck.

  • I personally can attest to the fact that the Kansas Department of Health and Environment has become incredibly aggressive with their health inspections. I understand keeping the public safe, but this new attitude they have .. I firmly believe they want to shut everybody down. They need to come to grips with reality, or lots of small businesses are going to close.

  • So sad to hear about this. I loved their cherry bings and maybe should have visited more often.

  • I am sorry that some people feel that the health inspectors are extremely aggressive but that is their job to ensure that the public is kept safe. The Department of Agriculture – Food Safety Division has hired these individuals to protect the public. They are all professionals and this is the reality. Small businesses should be held to the same standards as the franchises or larger businesses. They can’t bend the rules just because they feel sorry for them. The whole story is not always told.

  • Sorry to see them go.
    If you read the story “they never got the customer base needed to survive” This is just Eudora and it`s been that way for the last 25 years. None of the businesses make money, they all work for free.
    People in Eudora leave to shop and people who live elsewhere shop elsewhere , not in Eudora.
    And toss in the city fees and taxation and you can`t make a dime in Eudora.
    Highest electric and water rates in the state of kansas and the meter readings that are WRONG , its not worth trying.
    BUT we have a 3 million dollar fire station to look at every time we drive down Main st where a business should have gone.

  • Very true whatthef! The Shop Eudora First Campaign was not the success they said it was! We have some of the best businesses around. They support fundraisers all the time, and they give you personal service you won’t find anywhere else (big city). it is a real shame that we can continue to allow this, losing a business such as this, a story that has so much history, really very sad! These families put their all into this business. We should appreciate all we have in our town to make it more self sufficient. Heck, some dont even go downtown at all! Most of our local downtown businesses are ran by their family, take Jasmin’s for example. We need to be more supportive as a community and put our money where our mouth is! SHOP EUDORA FIRST, not just because of the campaign but because we care and want these places to thrive. No one can bellyache when their gone if they never shopped them in the first place. I see more people wagering bets on when it will close then shopping and being supportive. You don’t know what it is like until you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. try sitting in a store all day waiting and hoping that customers will shop your establishment and it will thrive, and they dont. it can really chip away at your psyche. Truth is, there is nothing wrong with what you have, or sell, but there is a lot wrong with folks shopping elsewhere. hard to compete with Walmart! When we just have Casey’s and the Kwik Shop again like we did in the 90’s maybe then people will wake up and smell the coffee?

  • Think about this….. If we didnt build the new school out east (that wasn`t needed) your home taxes would have dropped by $1,400.00 this last year. Could you use another grand + a year in your pocket ? ……………………………Something else to think about. Your taxes will go up about $400.00 a year for the fire station and when they buy the new trucks to fill it (you kow they will) add another $300.00 a year to your tax burden.

  • $400.00????

    “The council approved the new project to pay off the bonds with a 1.5 mill property tax increase, which according to the city would cost the owner of a $150,000 to $200,000 home an extra $30 to $40 per year more in taxes.”

  • Just watch your tax bill. Just like the new school was going to cost an additional estimated $200.00 a household of 100,000.00 and it ended up being about $700.00 a household. …. I bet youl be looking at a figure closer to my number when its said and done. You wait and see and report back next fall when you get your first tax bill.