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Misty and Aaron Thakker along with Jimmy and Shawndra Rogers have started to circulate a petition in an attempt to urge the Eudora City Council to build a skate park in Eudora.

“We feel our kids don’t have a safe place to skate board,” Misty Thakker said. “Most of the kids will either skateboard in the street or at some business location and the potential of a kid getting hit is too great.”

Several kids have also joined the drive to get the petition signed and have been going door-to-door in Eudora asking residents to support the idea.

“If the kids are involved with this (the drive to get a skate park built), they likely will have a sense of responsibility,” Thakker stated.  “They will want to help keep it nice and maintain it.”

Vandalism at several parks in Eudora has been a problem over time. Vandals, in the past year alone, have caused damage at places like East Side Park, Lucy Kaegi Park, and Eudora District Stadium.

The idea of a skate park has been floated before the City Council in the past, but one of the reasons cited in not following through on the project has been lack of funding to build it.

“We have been looking into the possibility of applying for some grants and we have talked to some local businesses already about possibly helping with fundraising events,” Thakker told us.

Several businesses include Rebel Roxie Rose, Dr. Gerald Vidan, Gambino’s Pizza, Kaw Valley State Bank and Hair, Nail and Tanning Company have all agreed to have a copy of the petition available for residents to sign.

Thakker has some experience at this type of endeavor already. She was one of the four women who were responsible for the Facebook page in Support of the cable median barriers on K-10 and was a part of the petition drive that corresponded to that campaign.

Thakker has created a Facebook group for this effort which can be found HERE.

Thakker said that she hoped to have as many signatures as possible in the next couple of weeks so she can then go to the City Council.

“We have had the petition out only two days now and already have over 100 signatures on petitions,” Thakker added.




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18 Responses to Parents start petition drive for a skate park

  • How about something more families could use, not just the 20 or so kids that skateboard…

  • I think you might be surprised by the number of people that skateboard…and they’re not just kids. I think it’s a good idea, although I understand where you are coming from too. I would like to see more things in general for kids to do in town.

  • @mommyof3 Do you have any ideas? There is a rec center a swimming pool.all family friendly. Skating is not just for kids. I promise you there are parents that will skate there also. Also it’s not just for the “20” skaters in town. It can be used with roller blades, bycicles, and scooters. If you have any ideas, then make a petition get it signed and present it to the council. Goodluck!

  • My opinion is the city has provided parks, basketball courts, baseball fields,and there is a rec center with a swimming pool. I do agree that Eudora does need more for families to do ,but im not sure what else the city could provide for us. It would take a business to open up a facility that caters to families for fun activities such as go carts, putt putt golf, or even an arcade. This really effects my family personally because we have kids that are forced to be put in harms way and skateboard in the streets.So I strongly support the skate park for Eudora.

  • I agree a place for kids to use to skateboard, rollerblade, etc is a great idea, but how long will this facility stay nice and clean before the kids start to ruin it? Will it be worth the money? It is sad that
    our parks as well as school propert are being damaged by kids throughout the town. I think we need to teach our kids/students how to respect property before we give them more!

  • If you used concrete to build the ramps and tubes , that is the idea let the kids tag it with spray paint and make it what a skate park is.
    It is a great idea and the kids will make it the way they want it.
    The Moms and Dads will need to be sure they know your kids will skate at there own risk and if they get hurt, owh well they get hurt.That is part of skate boarding!!!!!
    I do have to say one thing.
    I would say around 10th and main within 5 blocks any direction . A great place would be at the south end of the fields , just to the south of the School District office .
    Lots of space and good level ground.
    All in all this skate park is a great idea and will give lots of kids a new activity to keep them fit.
    Build it !!!!!!

  • O.K. Let’s play a game of true or false. This city needs a place for the kids to assemble and enjoy. (True. As it has for years) This idea will be of interest to a majority of the kids in town. (False. Just a small number, percentage wise, partake in this sport.) This is a dangerous activity. (True. If it wasn’t, then why was it outlawed in the downtown area?) This will make the city as much return on their investment as the new multi-million dollar pool and activity center does.(HaHa, I made a funny.) The kids who would use this facility would be required to wear all safety equipment necessary for their safety to use the park. (False. There will be no supervision there at any time.) When the kids with bikes want to use it at the same time that the skaters, whether roller or board, want to use it, they will work it out sensibly. (False. They will work it out alright.) Even though this would be used by a small percentage of the kids in this town, it will still be built without a vote from the taxpayers in this town. (Possible true. After all, this is Eudora mayor Scott Hopson’s step daughter that wants it. I smell another letter being written.) The city has plenty of money to build, maintain, insure, and police a project such as this. (False. But that has never stopped them before.)This post will be taken into consideration when deciding to build such a project for the few that will use it. (False. The wanters of this project want it for their kids and expect to get it, too.) The “looking into grants” is being done by private citizens with no use of city revenues for this purpose. (I would guess false and ask that I be proven wrong.) If, or when, built, this facility will be on property that is not much good for business or industry and not priced as prime ground. (My guess would be false. Look where they want to put the new Police/Fire station.) These answers were just my point of view. I am just tired of being misinformed/lied to about the cost or benefits and uses of the projects proposed by the city and school board.

  • This skate park would be a place for not only kid’s but adults as well. You are mistaken Tony if you think everyone has to be a kid to enjoy it. Every sport is dangerous and every sport comes with a “RISK”. For you to stero type a skaters behavior is wrong. You do not know how kids or adults would behave toward others wanting to use the park at the same time. Also, who cares who started the petition, the only thing that matters is the parents see a safety concern for all of the kid’s in the community who are being forced to ride in a street. Sounds to me like you have a personal issue with the mayor in this town to make such a rediculas statement. Right now the petition is out there to be signed if people want to sign it. Also, a skate park is a great idea for this community. It will not only attract kids, and many people will find enjoyment in it. There are grants out there for skate parks, you should do some research yourself Tony. Look and see what you find. Also look for some valid facts that support what you say on here. And let us know on here what you find out about statistics on injuries involving skate boards vs. other sports. I would bet that not every baseball field, soccer field, tennis field or regular park is supervised at all times. And yeah that would be a pretty safe bet too. Yet people use them all the time.

  • @Smile. 1) If you read the above story, it is the kids that this group wants the park for. 2) Yes, every sport has it’s own set of risks, but most sports are coach supervised and have safety gear to prevent injuries. Even the city pool has lifeguards. These sports do also, but will they be worn without supervision in this city park where the city will be responsible for the insurance and possible lawsuits in the event of injuries? 3) Tell me where I stereotyped anyone. (And yes, that is the proper spelling.) 4) If the parents are so concerned, then why are they forcing their kids to ride in the streets? Keep them in the driveway or on the sidewalks. If you don’t have sidewalks in your neighborhood, then maybe you could talk to the city about that issue instead. 5) Personal issue with the mayor? Don’t have anything personal with him, just know how small town politics works. Let’s get something done with the decaying infrastructure if we want to spend taxpayer’s money. Ridiculous (that’s how it’s spelled) idea, I know. 6) Why should I do any research, I am not the one that wants this? Do grants pay all costs associated with this project? Will it pay for future upkeep, insurance and policing of this area?
    @Aaron Thakker Why are you forcing your kids to skate in the streets? There is a skate park in Lawrence. Do you and your family use it? 2) Do you really think this will keep the kids out of the streets? I don’t.
    Having activities for kids in this town has been tossed around since before I moved here. If you can convince me that this will be for the good of a majority of the citizens in this town, then I will agree that it is needed. Until then, this is still a public forum and I will make my thoughts known on issues that affect the use of my taxes. As far as local businesses helping with the fundraising, maybe if there was more focus on attracting businesses to and by the city…. ….Sorry, that’s a totally different issue.
    Thanks for letting me know that you do not agree with me. That’s what makes our country and this forum so great. And yes, I put my name there instead of hiding behind some phony title. Those who read this know who I am.

  • Thanks for correcting my spelling issues. Yes I agree with you that this is a public forum and everyone has the opinions they have. You are correct that I do not agree with you one bit. Some of us do not have drive ways we have gravel for our kids to skate on. And well that does not work on a skateboard. The city does provide us with many things to do. But a skate park is not one of those things yet. I am glad you post your name Tony that is good for you. The point I was making about the kids is that yes the kids are top priority. They have a right to be safe and as parents we have a duty to our children to keep it that way. You should read your own words over. When you said, “When the kids with bikes want to use it at the same time as the skaters, whether roller or board, want to use it they will work it out sensibly. (False, oh they will work it out all right)”. What are you meaning by that? To me that say’s you think they will physically fight, am I wrong? Yes you should do your research on it. How can you sit there and shoot an idea like this one down when you obviously know nothing about it? That makes no since to me. More kids get hurt in football, baseball, basketball, and vollyball then in skatebording. But yet all of these sports get to have a place to participate. Why shouldn’t the kids who don’t enjoy original sports be allowed to have a place for them to enjoy their sport as well? Is it all about the funding to you? Do you care about a child’s safety? Why should parents have to keep their kids who skate in there driveway or on the sidewalk? The city has more liability now if a child gets hit by a car then they do if we had a park. Do you not think that a skate park could generate any type of revenue for our city? What this town does need, is for a business to be attracted to it and open a fun place for kids. I do agree with that. But if our city has the oppurtunity to do some good and keep the kids safe and off the streets then that is something I will always agree with.

  • My children are only forced to skate in the street because they aren’t allowed to skateboard on the sidewalks or anywhere else except the street.They also go to Lawrence to the skate park but I work and during the summer I don’t want to leave them in Lawrence all day. It would be nice if they could walk to a safe place to ride there skateboards. I am sorry you feel so stongly against a childs saftey on his or her skate. I personally have had a tramatic event happen in my life that involved skateboarding. This is why I strongly support the skate park for Eudora.Justvfor your information skateboarding is illegal on public sidewalks in Eudora.

  • That’s to funny. It was my idea not Misty or the Mayors. And last I checked im not anybodies step daughter.. She was kind enough to help me get the ball rolling since I didn’t know how to start. Thank you Misty!

  • I know lots of people who have tossed this idea around for the last 3 to 4 years and i feel its a great thing for the kids.
    Tony does have some good concerns though. SAFETY we need to know that kids will wear safety gear while skating. That is hard to do , it is the job of the Moms & Dads to be sure the kids have what they need to be safe.
    I dont want to see much city tax dollars used to do this , with the streets that need fixing and other things to get business growth going as well.
    We do need to give the kids something to do, BUT we also need our city leaders to get off there asses and get some business growth happening NOW !!!!!
    This grant money not going to downtown businesses is a total let down and has sent 3 businesses packing already. Come on city leaders put a plan together to boost business sales in Eudora !!!!!!

  • Tony, you do need to do some research. Your little true/false opinion rant is full of wrong assumptions and displays a considerable bias against one of the most creative new sports of your lifetime.
    Dismissed as a fad in the ’60s, it reemerged in the ’70s when equipment improvements created new potential for its limitless nature. After the waxing and waning of its popularity again in the ’80s, it has shown a steady growth that continues to this day. City parks and rec departments have helped support this growth by recognizing the need for sport specific facilities, which are often created with funds raised by future users. When is the last time you saw tennis players doing fundraisers for a place to play? Basketball? Baseball? Over and over skateboarders have provided some or all the funding needed to create municipal skateparks.
    An adult skateboarder in Ft. Scott spearheaded an effort that raised $100,000 for a PUBLIC park completed just this month. Cost to the local taxpayers – $0 unless you want to nitpick over the school district’s donation of a dirt lot they used to park school buses on.
    My last hometown, Lansing, Michigan built a $360,000 skatepark after skaters raised $200,000 for it. When the project was done the city spent $180,000 for tennis courts next to the skatepark. It’s quite clear that the skatepark was a better value in terms of users per square foot, and users per day.
    That’s okay. We are used to such treatment. We are used to wrong assumptions such as yours concerning relative risk, and stereotypes about the average user.
    Skateboarding wasn’t banned in most downtowns because it was dangerous. It was banned as a nuisance they wanted to go away, but it isn’t going away.
    Skateboarding in a skatepark is safer than driving your car on the highway, yet no one questions the use of tax dollars for highways.
    Skateboarding in an empty swimming pool is less likely to kill than swimming pools filled with water, statistics are clear on this.
    How many skaters are there in Eudora? It’s hard to say since there is no public place for them that’s legal and safe.
    It’s time to deal with reality Tony- every town needs a skatepark. Donald, OR pop. 750 has one, and guess what? It’s a destination park for out of towners. Out of town money spent in Eudora by adult skateboarders? You’ll see!

  • How about just build one huge “recreation complex” Everything from ball sports to skating to bike trails to swimming. Lets have one huge area for all forms of recreation.

  • Oh dont forget all forms of motorsports.

  • If the city is looking to throw money to kids how about throw it twords somthing that every one can use because if they are going to cater to a certain amount I have list
    They can buy for me

  • I agree L.B.J We should invest in something like the sunflower ammunition bike trails, and I like the motor sports idea