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Your tax dollars at work.

The City of Eudora has approved spending $8000 to take a survey of each street in the city of Eudora. This Pavement Management System will measure each block in the city and check the condition of the roadway. This study is expected to take 60 days to complete. The grading system for the study, developed by the University of Wisconsin, will help determine when road maintenance, such as resurfacing or overlay work, needs to be done.  This study will not only look at the actual street condition, but also the curbing and gutter condition on each side of the roadway.

Editorial Comment: Let’s hope that when they do repair the streets it’s better than a layer of chip (or whatever that stuff is) like they did recently on several streets around the downtown area. Filling a pot hole or two would be a wise move also before they lay that stuff down.

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Looks like your property taxes might be on the rise.

At the City Council meeting on Monday, the City Council approved a budget to publish to various media outlets.   This budget includes a proposed 4 mil levy increase for 2011.  One mil equals $1 on every $1000 of assessed value.  So, for example, a house valued at $150,000 would see a rate increase of $600. $69.  This is not a finalized budget yet and the proposed mil levy increase could be less.   The reason for such a large increase is a the City is proposing to build a new Police and Fire Station for the City of Eudora.

A budget session,  while open to the public, but not allowing for public comment, will be held on Tuesday August, 17th at 5PM. All citizens are encouraged to attend this meeting.

The city budget will be discussed at the next City Council meeting on Monday, August 23rd at 6:00PM.  Public comment on the budget will be accepted at that meeting.

As soon as we can get a hold of the budget, we will make sure to post it on this site.

Correction: Our calculation for this story was in error. A 4 mill levy increase on a home valued at $150,000 would by $69 not $600. We regret and apologize for the error.


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Welcome to the newest website for news and information about Eudora, Kansas. Here at our goals are simple:

1) Bring the news stories of note to the citizens of Eudora and the people that care about our fair city.

2) Feature events, happenings, and the people that make Eudora one of the best communities in Kansas.

3) Give everyone a one stop guide for places, events, and what’s happening around town.

4) When needed and where appropriate, give editorial comment on the news and information.

This site will feature both the good and bad going on in town. We will be a watchdog when needed. We will be supportive of groups, individuals and business. We have no political agenda other than what’s best for the city.

Comments are allowed on all stories posted here and we encourage those comments. To be truly “fair and balanced”, opinions should come from all avenues. We want the citizens, past or present, to take an active role in our community.

Welcome to

John Schulz

Managing Editor/Owner

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