2014_05_08_Semi_fireA semi-truck caught fire late Wednesday night near the HP Pelzer facility in the East Hills Business Park. (photo courtesy the Eudora Public Works and Police Departments)  

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Eudora Emergency crews were called to the scene of a semi-tractor fire late Wednesday night in Eudora.  According to Eudora Fire Chief Ken Keiter, the fire erupted just before midnight in a truck that was leaving the HP Pelzer facility with scrap materials from the the manufacture of floor mats. The HP Pelzer facility in Eudora produces molded urethane foam backed automotive floor carpets.

Keiter said that when crews arrived on the scene, they initially thought the building itself was on fire, but quickly determined that the fire was confined to a semi just off the property.

“After they saw it was a semi fire, it was determined that the City and Township Fire Departments would be able to handle the situation,” Keiter said. “We had a master stream to knock down the larger parts of the fire and then used hand lines to try and get it under control until Public Works could get here with the high loader to help us out.”

To put out the fire, crews from the City had to tear off the side wall of the trailer and empty the contents onto the street so that it could be completely extinguished. Keiter said that the scrap materials, which contained mainly carpeting and rubber, were bailed together and compacted causing extra difficulty in putting out the fire.

“For a deep seeded fire like this, we had to use foam to make sure it was all the way out,” Keiter stated.  Crews had the fire under control around 1:00 AM.

Keiter added that once the blaze was extinguished, Public Works crews moved the materials off of the roadway and made sure the street would be open to traffic. He said state fire investigators would be on scene today to try and determine a cause of the fire.  Keiter did not indicate there were any injuries to the truck driver or any crews involved.

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